Permalink Even Limbaugh Admits the Obvious: Osama bin Laden is Dead

I'm almost embarrassed to admit listening to the Rush Limbaugh show because the propagandistic nature of it is so obvious to me. Rush is a divider helping maintain the Demopublican vs. Republicrat paradigm that is keeping the American public frustratingly paralyzed- but some sick curiosity within me made me listen to his drivel anyway. Today - on an AM station here in Charlottesville, Virginia at 13:29 Rush said he believes bin Laden is dead - killed at Tora Bora. ...so what is the mission in Afghanistan? I've stated in the past that Osama bin Laden has been dead since 2001. Not too long ago people like myself were laughed at for making such assertions based on the research done by David Ray Griffin in his book Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive? So - what is the mission in AFPAKistan? If bin Laden is indeed dead - we have a 'disconnect' - a disconnect with reality. Unless the mission has more to do with Opium and a purported pipeline. Once one takes into consideration more covert motives, the exercise in futility, the butcher shop that is Afghanistan, begins to take shape. And it doesn't seem to have anything to do with capturing a dead guy. The People's Voice: Osama Bin Laden Believed Dead By Pak Intel.

Probe into 'Bin Laden death' leak
"President Jacques Chirac has ordered an inquiry into the leak of a French secret service memo claiming that Osama Bin Laden had died."

Benazir Bhutto Confirms that Osama Bin Laden is Dead (Video)
"In an interview only months before her death, Bhutto, possibly unintentionally, admitted that Bin Laden had been killed. She refers to someone as "the man who killed Osama Bin Laden""

Bin Laden may be dead, but living on through old sound bites
"U.S. intelligence agencies are beginning to suspect that Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden is dead after all, despite a recent audio tape exhorting Al Qaida terrorists in Iraq."

Israeli intelligence: Bin Laden is dead, heir has been chosen
"Osama Bin Laden appears to be dead but his colleagues have decided that Al Qaida and its insurgency campaign against the United States will continue, Israeli intelligence sources said."

Osama bin Laden: A dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government
"Osama bin Laden is dead. The news first came from sources in Afghanistan and Pakistan almost six months ago: the fugitive died in December [2001] and was buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan. Pakistan's president, Pervez Musharraf, echoed the information. The remnants of Osama's gang, however, have mostly stayed silent, either to keep Osama's ghost alive or because they have no means of communication."

If bin Laden was dead, Would the U.S. admit it?

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead
"Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader."


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