Permalink No to military rule in Gaza as risks compile: Haaretz

Israeli Minister of Security Yoav Gallant urges Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reject the establishment of military rule in Gaza due to its severe consequences, including strategic, security, and economic costs. | Israeli Minister of Security Yoav Gallant held a press conference yesterday, urging Israeli occupation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce that he would not establish military rule in the Gaza Strip and to deeply discuss the issue of the "day after."  According to Haaretz, his words did not come from nowhere, as the establishment of military rule in Gaza is an alternative under consideration by Netanyahu, and it enjoys the support of the far-right. [...] This marks the second time Gallant has taken such a step: warning Netanyahu, with the public as a witness. During the last upheaval in the government, Gallant called for an immediate halt to legislation due to a "clear and immediate" threat to state security, stating that "the threats around us are significant, both near and far."  This time, according to Haaretz, the minister warned of the dangerous and frightening plan that is currently under serious consideration, emphasizing that it is...

💬 "...a bad and dangerous alternative for Israel, strategically, security-wise, and militarily," and that "as a state, we face a multi-faceted security threat with specific resources and Israeli military rule in Gaza will become Israel's primary security effort in the coming years at the expense of other arenas, as well as costing lives, victims, and a high economic price."

Israeli leadership split over plans for governing Gaza after war with Hamas: reports (New York Post)
Israeli Political Crisis Deepens as IDF Failures Prompt Cabinet Resignation Threat (Sputnik News)


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