Permalink US, Europe Conducting the Genocide, and Their Colony in Palestine, 'israel', is Executing It

Daniel Lobato | Europe and the USA are leading, in practice, this genocide and exploration of ethnic cleansing to culminate their colonial project in Palestine. | We are entering the climax of the sadistic experiment to determine whether millions of Palestinians will be expelled from Palestine, or whether the Palestinians will hold on to their land. What happens will depend on whether Europe and the US secure another overseas colony or whether the Israeli colonial regime will fall in a few years in the face of greater native demography and resistance.  Will we have a new North America or Australia, where the natives were eradicated and white-framed states were erected, functional for Western world domination, or will we have another Algeria or South Africa where the natives defeated the European colonial plan?  In the status quo prior to the October 7 Gaza uprising, the Israeli regime was inevitably headed for collapse. In the three zones of Palestine (the occupied territories, Gaza, and the West Bank), nearly 8 million native Palestinians are witnessing a higher birth rate and a much younger population, compared to the Jewish Israelis, who number less than 7 or even less than 6 million, alongside increasing abandonment of the territory. To survive, this Western stronghold in Asia had to exterminate or expel millions of Palestinians from Palestine, and so I argued in other articles.


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