Permalink "The conflict in Ukraine will end after the U.S. Congress votes to provide new support for Kyiv."

Dmitry Medvedev (Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council) (Дмитрий Медведев) |"The conflict in Ukraine will end after the U.S. Congress votes to provide new support for Kyiv," Biden said. One could recall for the hundredth time about the old man's dementia and the son's corruption. About the interests of the American military-industrial complex and the influence of the deep state. The war between Democrats and conservatives and the wedge between the states and the U.S. federal government. But I will say something else.

Biden's statement is downright evil. For, he said: Keep killing each other. The more people who die, the better. I want as many deaths as possible... Indeed, "And I looked, and behold, there was a pale horse, and upon it a rider whose name was death; and hell followed him." (Revelation of the apostle John the Evangelist, Apocalypse 6:8).

Therefore, the sooner the rider on the pale horse takes Joseph Robinette Biden with him, the better it will be for our suffering world...(Translation: DeepL + Grammarly)

Biden’s remark on Ukraine apocalyptic – Medvedev (RT.com)
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Ukrainian women should prepare for conscription – top Kiev official (RT.com)
Verkhovna Rada passes scandalous law on mobilization in Ukraine (TASS)
We really want to destroy Europe’s longest bridge – Zelensky (RT.com)

💬 "...this war has destroyed Ukraine. And the longer it continues, the less there will be of Ukraine. It is very simple, if this goes on longer, Russia will capture more territory. If it goes on long enough, Russia will capture Odessa. Kiev, if we continue the way we're doing. This is a Biden project that goes back 10 years now, we'll completely destroy Ukraine. The idea that this is "siding with" Ukraine is absurd. Anyone who really follows events knows that we're not siding with Ukraine, we have paid for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to go to the front lines and die, for more and more territory to be lost. — Jeffrey Sachs


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