Permalink Videograph | Unveiling Yemeni Naval Operations in Support of Gaza since Oct.7

Unveiling Yemeni Naval Operations in Support of Gaza since Oct.7 | In a series of decisive actions, the Yemeni Armed Forces have undertaken 19 naval operations, targeting 22 commercial vessels, along with US and British military ships, en route to the Zionist entity in the occupied Palestinian territories. These operations were specifically aimed at intercepting vessels heading towards the ports in the occupied Palestinian territories.  Earlier in November 2023, responding to severe attacks initiated by the Zionist entity on the Gaza Strip, the Yemeni Armed Forces made a resolute announcement, declaring their intent to target any vessel en route to the Zionist entity. This proclamation underscores the Yemeni Armed Forces’ unwavering readiness to counter the aggression, emphasizing both their capability and determination to retaliate against Israeli brutality against civilians in the Strip. The video [...] documents Yemeni naval operations since the onset of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood until the present day.


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