Permalink Ten years after Maidan: Why won’t the West admit that the coup was based on a lie?

Felix Livshitz | Evidence that external forces were involved has been suppressed for ‘political reasons’ | Ask the witnesses – It may not remain unsolved for much longer though, due to an ongoing trial of policemen at the scene on the fateful day. The legal action has been unfolding for well over a year and has received no mainstream news attention at all outside Ukraine. Katchanovski drew heavily on witness testimony and video evidence that has emerged over the course of the trial in his suppressed paper.  For example, 51 protesters wounded during the incident testified at the trial that they were shot by snipers from Maidan-controlled buildings, and/or witnessed snipers there. Many spoke of snipers in buildings controlled by Maidan protesters shooting at police. This is consistent with other evidence collected by Katchanovski, such as 14 separate videos of snipers in protester-controlled buildings, 10 of which clearly feature far-right gunmen in the Hotel Ukraina aiming at crowds below.  In all, 300 witnesses have told much the same story. Synchronized videos show that the specific time and direction of shots fired by the police not only didn’t coincide with the killings of specific Maidan protesters, but that authorities aimed at walls, trees, lampposts, and even the ground, simply to disperse crowds.

Pentagon Probing Over 50 Cases of 'Theft, Fraud or Corruption' Linked to Ukraine Aid (Sputnik News)
EU chief, leaders of Italy, Belgium , Canada land in Ukraine's Kiev (Al Mayadeen)


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