Permalink Western feminism's silence on Gaza lays bare its moral bankruptcy

Maryam Aldossari | Some western 'champions' of the feminist cause have reserved their fury for the plight of Israeli women, ignoring the catastrophic suffering in Gaza | From the outset of the war on Gaza, an unsettling narrative has permeated western media, portraying Israel as a paragon of civilisation starkly contrasted against the bastion of backwardness that is the Middle East. Some pundits have even gone as far as reducing its people to the level of the animal kingdom Such bias is nothing new, further amplified in the UK by outlets such as UnHerd, as media propaganda continues the unsettling tradition of misrepresenting the Arab community. But it has been unexpectedly troubling to hear such distortions echoed by British feminists and activists.  If you are following well-known UK feminists in hopes of finding a united outcry and empathy for the violence faced by Palestinian women and children, I am afraid you will be deeply disappointed.


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