Permalink “Israeli” Aggression Against Gaza Continues for the 12th Week

“Israel” Occupation Forces [IOF] troops continue their brutal aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip for the 12th week by carrying out dozens of air strikes and artillery shelling and committing bloody massacres against civilians. | “Israeli” tanks pushed deeper into districts in central and southern Gaza overnight under heavy air and artillery fire, residents said, pressing a deadly offensive that has razed much of the besieged enclave.  Fighting late on Friday and early Saturday was focused in al-Bureij, Nuseirat and Khan Younis, backed by intensive air strikes that filled hospitals with injured Palestinians. The brutal bombardment has killed 100 Palestinians and injured 150 in the central Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours, a senior health official in central Gaza said.  At Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, the biggest and most important medical facility in the south of the tiny, crowded enclave, Red Crescent images posted online showed ambulances operating amid smashed streets, carrying injured children.  Almost all of Gaza's 2.3 million residents have been forced from their homes by the apartheid “Israeli” entity’s withering 12-week aggression.

Over 1,000 Children in Gaza Have Had One or Both Legs Amputated Since Oct 7 (antiwar.com)
Almost 70% of Gaza homes damaged or destroyed: WSJ (Al Mayadeen)
'Israel's' bombing of Gaza parallels WW2 carpet bombing campaigns: FT (Al Mayadeen)
US Congress: ‘We Stand With Genocide’ (Corinna Barnard)
There's No Way to 'Explain' the Degree of Death and Destruction in Gaza (Gideon Levy)


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