Permalink Poland summons Russian diplomat over alleged missile breach

Warsaw claims the violation took place during airstrikes on targets throughout Ukraine on Friday | Poland summoned Russian Charge d’Affaires Andrey Ordash and demanded an explanation for an alleged violation of Polish airspace by a missile they claim to be Russian, the NATO country’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday evening.  Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Wladyslaw Teofil Bartoszewski, handed Ordash a note demanding an explanation of the incident and “an immediate cessation of such activities,” the ministry wrote. The Polish military claimed that a Russian missile entered the country’s airspace from the direction of Ukraine before veering back over Ukrainian territory on Friday morning, without providing evidence that the projectile was of Russian origin.  The Russian charge d’affaires called the claim “unsubstantiated” in an interview with RIA Novosti, adding that Poland will not receive any explanations until it provides evidence.

Russian Missile Traverses Poland; NATO's Much-Vaunted Air Defenses, Never Responded (Hal Turner Show)
Mystery ‘missile’ enters Polish airspace (RT.com)


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