Permalink Ansrullah: Intl. waterways secure except for ships bound for occupied territories

Yemen's Ansarullah popular resistance movement insists that the international waterways are secure for all passing vessels, except for Israeli ones or those heading towards the occupied territories. | Mohammed Abdul-Salam, Ansarullah's spokesman, made the remarks to Euronews on Thursday. "Sana'a explicitly stated that only Israeli ships, those heading to Israel, or affiliated vessels are targeted, while all other ships worldwide are not targeted," he noted. The movement and Yemen's Armed Forces have been staging missile and drone attacks against vessels heading towards Israeli ports in support of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, which has come under an unrelenting genocidal Israeli war.

Sanaa warns against foreign support for 'Israel' in Red, Arabian Seas (Al Mayadeen)
US imposes sanctions on Yemen after military threat falls flat (PressTV)
US senator calls for attacks on targets in Iran over Houthi actions in Red Sea (TASS)
US senator calls for bombing Iran (RT.com)


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