Permalink Lost war against Hamas, Netanyahu to be ousted: Former Israeli chief

The ex-chief of General Staff of the Israeli military, Dan Halutz, asserts that the sole victory to be achieved in this war is the ousting of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. | Former Chief of General Staff of the Israeli occupation army, Dan Halutz, said that "Israel" lost the war against Hamas, stressing that the only victory to be achieved is the overthrow of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Israeli Channel 14's correspondent, Yishai Friedman, released a recording of his conversation with Halutz in 'Haifa' with anti-government protest activists, which took place during the war. In the conversation, Halutz stated, "There will be no image of victory because the image reflects the loss of 1,300 lives and 240 prisoners, despite their return, and approximately 200,000 refugees who failed to return to their homes."  Halutz continued by expressing, "For me, the picture of victory will be when Prime Minister Netanyahu steps down."

Various Western Countries Say Netanyahu's 'End' Near, Says Top Erdogan Adviser (Sputnik News)


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