Permalink The Destruction of Israel and not even God can Save It

A video was posted online, apparently filmed by Russian soldiers, gives a message to Israel. | The economic implications of all this on Israeli will be devastating. Already the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is having problems recruiting workers into military service to go to war with Arab countries in the area, in what some experts believe could expand into a wider war.  Benjamin Fulford in his video posting on December 15, 2023, said the following: He was informed by the Russian FSB that Israel chose to ignore their warning in the form of placing a Russian flag on the border near Golan Heights, and so a Russian army is building up, to go into Israel to stop the genocide of the Palestinian people. (BattleForWorld.com: Such a scenario is unlikely to happen involving the Russians directly. The Arabs in the area at a future time will become a formidable force against Israel.) And that the Western press is censoring information from the news that Israel is under attack, that there are huge explosions and fires all over the country. Israel is not going to continue to exist in its present from and that things are moving into the endgame to dismantle Israel.  A video was posted online, apparently filmed by Russian soldiers, gives a message to Israel. The video shows the Golan Heights and a Russian flag planted in the ground, Russian soldiers in the area, and the military front. This has caused some experts to speculate that Russia could enter the game at any moment.


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