Permalink US wants to give Ukraine $300 billion of Russian money – NYT

Washington is reportedly pressing its partners for a strategy before the second anniversary of the start of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev | The White House has started urgent discussions with its allies on seizing "frozen" [i.e. stolen] Russian assets and using them to help Ukraine, the New York Times reported on Thursday, citing sources. Western nations are currently struggling to greenlight new aid packages for Kiev.  The administration of US President Joe Biden “is quietly signaling new support” for the requisition of over $300 billion in Russian foreign exchange reserves that were blocked by Western nations after the start of the Ukraine conflict, according to unnamed American and European officials interviewed by the newspaper.  Some US officials have expressed concerns that such a drastic move would undermine the country’s credibility as a major financial hub. However, the Biden administration, in coordination with the G7, is now “taking another look” at whether it could sidestep Congressional approval to use the funds, the NYT reported.  Moscow has repeatedly denounced the freezing of its funds abroad, warning that any seizure would be “illegal” and in violation of “all possible rules.”

Kremlin Warns of Consequences Over West's Scheme to Use Frozen Russian Assets For Kiev Aid
Washington is advising the EU on how to find a legal loophole to steal Russian assets (RT.com)


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