Permalink Russia’s top spy warns of new CIA scheme

US spooks are considering the creation of a fake Russian government-in-exile, Sergey Naryshkin has claimed | The US government allegedly plans to back the declaration of a new Russian nation-state and its self-proclaimed government, which would operate outside of the actual country, according to Sergey Naryshkin, the head of the Russian Foreign Security Service (SVR).  The senior intelligence official mentioned the purported scheme during a meeting with his counterparts from former Soviet nations in Minsk on Thursday, dismissing it as “absurd.”  “The CIA is considering a project of creation of a virtual supposedly legitimate state outside of Russian Federation, a so-called ‘Russian Republic’ headed by a so-called ‘interim administration’,” he explained.  The US goal is to destabilize the situation in the country ahead of next year’s presidential election, Naryshkin said. Self-exiled opposition forces will also try to “create a network of anti-government cells inside Russia” to further their ambitions, he added.


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