Permalink NZ Vax Whistleblower Drops More Truth Bombs after Arrest

After his arrest for exposing secret government data on the mass Covid vaccine-related deaths in New Zealand, whistleblower Barry Young is doubling down and releasing even more truth bombs. [...] The New Zealand government is claiming and charging Barry Young with “accessing a computer system” for “dishonest purposes.” However, he says he has done nothing dishonest. According to CounterSpinMedia [6:45 mark],

💬 “This data was carefully analyzed, anonymized, and time-shifted to prevent personal information from being released into the public domain. “The data has already been handed over to a multitude of research organizations and is reportedly the best trove of official government data on the COVID scandal released so far.”

💬 “The people of New Zealand, and the world, are thanking the Whistleblower, Barry Young, (formerly known as Winston Smith), for his courage in releasing this data, to the wider public for full scrutiny,” according to CounterSpinMedia."

💬 “Of course, New Zealand’s own pixie dust fairy princess, Jacinda Ardern is at the center of this travesty, and as she cut and ran from New Zealand politics to lead a global attack on free speech and truth in the media, she will be campaigning for even greater ‘misinformation’ restrictions to cover her own slimy steps.”

Liz Gunn lawyer/investigative journalist who helped Barry Young expose that the COVID vaccination data was causing mass deaths, is staying in a safe house in New Zealand.


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