Permalink People’s Discrimination In Latvia

Oriental Review | On the 30th of November, Latvian officials will commence the deportation of residents who do not pass the Latvian language exam. | A year ago, the Latvian Parliament passed amendments to migration law, compelling non-citizen passport holders residing in the country to acquire a Latvian language proficiency certificate at A2 level before September 1, 2023. Otherwise, their permanent residence will be canceled. How did such a legal term as “non-citizen” come to be used in a European country? [emphasis this ed.] [...] It’s worth noting that the Latvian Human Rights Committee counts more than 80 differences in human rights for citizens and non-citizens of the country, including restrictions on professions: ban on holding positions in law enforcement agencies, professions of pharmacist, lawyer, notary, and many others. In fact, the most unfair difference is the lack of voting rights and the opportunity to take part in politics


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