Permalink Ukrainian Forces Have Entered Russia!; "Heavy Battles in Shebekino"

Ukrainian forces have entered Shebekino, Russia, which is in the Belgorad Oblast, and heavy fighting is reported to be taking place in the streets. | At this point, it appears Russia deployed all their Belgorad troops into Ukraine, so the defense of Russia is being done by Russian Police, Border Guards, and FSB. Russian military units are reportedly on the way, but will take some time to arrive. UPDATE 11:52 AM EDT -- in Shebekino, the main administration building has been destroyed. Reports of heavy street battles between Ukrainian forces and Russian forces in Shebekino city in Russia. Looks as though Ukraine figured out Russian forces from Belgorod are all in Ukraine thus leaving region mostly undefended. Russia will likely have to remove forces from Ukraine to reinforce Belgorod or give Ukraine a free hand in Belgorod.

Two killed in Ukrainian shelling of Russian region – governor (RT.com)
Ukrainian ‘terrorist’ attack thwarted – Moscow (RT.com)
Moldova President To Allow Ukraine Troops Entry into Country to Attack Transnistria (Hal Turner)


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