Permalink Matt Hancock should be arrested for wilful misconduct in public office

As for Matt Hancock, he has lost the Whip and, unfortunately, can no longer be disciplined by the Conservative party. The slithy tove can – and must – be dragged before a Select Committee. Personally, I would like to see him in jail for the vast hurt he has caused. | So, here’s one Urgent Question for a plucky MP to ask: “Thank you, Mr Speaker. Will my Right Honourable Friend, the Secretary of State for Health, make a statement regarding the offer, revealed in the WhatsApp messages published in The Daily Telegraph’s Lockdown Files, which was considered by his predecessor to make NHS beds available to Covid patients from France? At that time, the British people were not allowed to access treatments, thousands upon thousands of operations were cancelled and non-Covid patients were sidelined to “support the NHS”, but apparently Mr Hancock considered it was appropriate to invite the French to use our medical facilities. What is the Secretary of State’s view on what that says about the true state of NHS capacity at that point, and was the nation perhaps deceived?” Dismayingly, if not entirely unpredictably, it was the very restrictions Matt Hancock and his lockdown zealots told us were necessary to save the health service which have very nearly finished it off. “The NHS has collapsed anyway as a direct result of the lockdowns and the vast backlog they caused,” says my source. Ironies don’t come much more bitter than that. (paywall)

‘Project Fear’ authors discussed when to ‘deploy’ new Covid variant (The Daily Telegraph)
MSM Calls for the Arrest and Prosecution of British Health Minister for Covid Crimes (RAIR Foundation)
Lockdown Files: comment l’ancien secrétaire d’État à la Santé britannique Matt Hancock utilisait la peur et le chantage pour imposer de nouveaux confinements (FranceSoir)


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