Russian Army units stationed in Crimea are on high alert after the second(!) announcement by the Russian Ministry of Defence, which speaks of "preparations for the invasion of Ukrainian forces in Transnistria" | In the next few hours Russia will have to start reinforcing its forces in Transnistria if it does not want to face unpleasant developments. It remains to be seen how this will be achieved.  Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry stressed that Kiev is preparing a provocation, according to which militants dressed in Russian military uniforms will enter Transnistria from Ukrainian territory as "Russian troops" and then attack Ukrainian forces.  Russian intelligence services have documented the accumulation not only of Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel, but also of military equipment near the border with Transnistria. There is a deployment of Ukrainian artillery units in firing positions. The Russian Ministry of Defence is at the same time recording an unprecedented increase in the number of flights of drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into the territory of Transnistria. According to the second statement by the Russian Ministry of Defence, Ukraine is preparing an invasion of Transnistria. (Translation: DeepL.com) (free version)

Russia warns US, NATO, and Ukraine over Transnistria (RT.com)


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