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The former German chancellor acknowledged that the Minsk accord was meant to ‘give time’ for Ukraine to strengthen its military | Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has confirmed her government’s duplicity regarding the conflict in Ukraine by confirming that the 2014 ceasefire agreement was meant to give Kiev time to build up its military, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.  In an interview with Zeit magazine published on Wednesday, Merkel said that the Minsk protocol brokered by Germany and France was 💬 “an attempt to give Ukraine time,” which it used to “become stronger” as evidenced on the battlefield now. She was referring to the first of the two documents known collectively as the “Minsk agreements” that were designed to help Kiev reconcile with rebels in the east, who had rejected the outcome of an armed coup in the capital in 2014.

Merkel: Minsk agreements were meant to 'give Ukraine time' (almayadeen.net)
Merkel confirms Ukraine peace deal was a ploy (RT.com)

gazeta.ru | About Merkel | Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel's words that the Minsk agreements were signed to allow Ukraine to "buy precious time and become stronger" call into question possible trust between Russia and the West, Putin says. [President Vladimir Putin:] 💬 "It is disappointing. I, frankly, did not expect to hear this from the former federal chancellor. Because I have always assumed that the FRG leadership is being sincere with us. Now of course there is a question of trust. And anyway the trust is of course close to zero, but of course after such statements a question arises: how to come to an agreement? And is it possible to negotiate with someone? And where are the guarantees? Of course, this is the question", said the President of Russia.  He expressed confidence that the Western countries would have to come to an agreement with Moscow anyway. And Russia is ready for such agreements, it is open to them, Putin added. (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator)


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