Permalink False Flag: Ukraine Reveals Origin of Blood-soaked Packages

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba insists all 31 parcels containing “animal tissue” were sent from Germany | A Tesla dealership in Baden-Wurttemberg was used as the return address on the suspicious packages sent to dozens of Ukrainian diplomatic outposts across Europe over the past week, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday.  While the diplomat did not clarify the exact contents of the grizzly packages, earlier media reports described them as foul-smelling blood-soaked packets containing animal eyes and other entrails. Kuleba called it a 💬 “well-planned campaign of terror and intimidation.”  The perpetrators were careful enough not to leave any DNA traces or other forensic evidence, Kuleba claimed, suggesting a 💬 “professional level of implementation.” Additionally, he observed, most of the post offices used to mail the parcels were not equipped with video surveillance technology. [The RT comments are interesting...]


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