Permalink Protesters storm government palace in Mongolia (VIDEOS)

Mass riots hit Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar on Monday, when protesters broke into the government palace and attacked law enforcement officials. | Protests have been going on in the city for three days now, as the authorities investigate an alleged massive theft of exported coal, but they hadn’t turned violent until now.  Footage circulating online shows scores of people demonstrating in front of the government palace in central Ulaanbaatar, demanding transparency in the coal scandal investigation and publicly naming the suspects.  According to media reports, some 6.5 million tons of coal were smuggled out of the country under the alleged corruption scheme, with a vast portion of that heading to neighboring China while bypassing customs. The stolen coal is estimated to be worth some $1.8 billion.

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PolitSatirCa (ПолитСатирКа) | Unrest suddenly erupts in Mongolia. | The occasion was the theft of coal supplies to China.  Despite the fact that China quickly found and executed all those involved in the fraudulent scheme, the situation has not yet fully returned to normal. On the contrary, there are signs of a 'colour revolution' (similar to the unrest in Kazakhstan this winter).  China and Russia have the situation under control. Nobody wants another hotspot with an out-of-control government (or rather one run from overseas). (Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator) (free version)


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