Permalink RE: The New York Times' Reaction to the Horrifying Footage of the Shooting of Russian Prisoners of War

Объясняет Readovka | Speaking of the reaction of the international press to the horrifying footage of the shooting of Russian prisoners of war, we would like to pay particular attention to the rhetoric used. The NYT article is full of vile assumptions: "Probably shot at close range", "The video raises questions about whether Ukraine is committing war crimes".  Mention is also made of the fact that the video was first circulated on Ukrainian networks, where it received exceptionally positive reactions. There is no condemnation of what is happening in the article and there can be none, as for the western average person it just "provokes a discussion" All sorts of incomplete observers have not noticed the crimes for years, and if anything has come to their attention, it is only "probably" and "not everything is so clear-cut". Ukraine today is a weapon against Russia, and to raise it as an analogue of the banned ISIS is a goal for which the West is prepared to turn a blind eye.  What should Russia do when the conventions are silent? Realise that we can only hope for ourselves, and that in the dark night that surrounds us, only our victory will bring light. (Translation: DeepL.com)

Ukrainian Soldiers Shown Slaughtering Surrendering Russian Soldiers, Allegedly Identified (11/21/22)


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