Permalink The US and Polish militaries know exactly where the missile came from and whose it was, or have failed completely

Военный обозреватель | One of NATO's best RAT-31DL FADR radars is located in Poland, just 40km from Przewodów, where the missile fell the night before. A US Patriot SAM battery is also located in Rzeszów. The US and Polish militaries know exactly where the missile came from and whose it was, or have failed completely. (DeepL.com)

John Helmer | No one in Poland is in any doubt now that Tuesday’s missile attack on Przewodów* village, eight kilometres west of the Ukrainian border, was caused by a Russian-made missile fired by the Ukrainian military acting on the orders of President Vladimir Zelensky in Kiev. Two villagers were killed by the Ukrainian action. That Zelensky continues to deny this makes him a liar throughout Poland.  Polish President Andrzej Duda has made this official.
💬 “There is a high probability that it was a missile that was used for missile defense; that is, it was used by the Ukrainian defence forces”. Duda justified the action by telling Polish voters: “Ukraine defended itself – which is obvious and understandable – by firing missiles which were tasked with hitting Russian missiles.”  Duda was sharply and publicly corrected by the national party politician closest to the incident, Jaroslaw Pakula, the head of the Lublin City Council.
💬 “‘Of course, it’s a Ukrainian rocket. Of course, this is a provocation on the part of the Ukrainian authorities. The rocket could not be fired 100 km in the opposite direction by mistake.’ The aim of the provocation was to scare the EU and gain civil society support to send even more weapons to Ukraine, Pakula added. Instead of saying ‘fairy tales’ about the missile, the Polish president should tell Ukrainian Vladimir Zelensky that Warsaw ‘will no longer put up with this behaviour’ by Kiev.”


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