Permalink Poland Declares They Want a War with Russia

Andrew Anglin | This is about Eastern European democracy, we’re told. They’re not even making the argument that this has anything to do with the safety, security, or prosperity of the people paying for it, which is in some ways an entirely new kind of war. The Jews who run these wars used to at least have to tell you that it somehow benefited you – now they just tell you that it vaguely benefits people in some country you know nothing about and have no reason to care about. Honestly, I’m in some way surprised that there isn’t more pushback in Europe over this. In America, people are still being told that it is the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline that has caused a rise in energy prices. People here don’t even know that Europe exists, or they think Joe Biden is the president there also. Conservatives will argue with you if you say the war on Russia is causing these prices, and say it’s all Joe Biden. I say: “yeah, you’re right, it is all Joe Biden – he’s the one who declared war on Russia – just like he declared war on you, you fat boomer monkey.”


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