Permalink Evidence of Mass Murder of Russian Prisoners of War by Ukrainian Soldiers

Irrefutable evidence of the execution of Russian prisoners of war by Ukrainian militants — at the disposal of “Readovka” are videos taken shortly before the brutal execution of our soldiers and immediately after it. Detailed analysis of the evidence and circumstances of the tragedy.

On August 3, we published a video filmed by Ukrainian militants this spring at the end of March in the Chernigov region. It depicts the bodies of unarmed Russian prisoners of war, shot in the head in cold blood. The executioners who dealt with our soldiers, contrary to all the provisions of the Geneva Convention, mocked the dead and boasted with laughter that they shot one while trying to escape.    New video footage proving the atrocities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces against Russian prisoners of war has ended up at the disposal of “Readovka”. In the video, three of our soldiers, blindfolded with duct tape, are brought in by car and unloaded for a brutal massacre. Comparing the two videos in detail, we found that the same soldiers are in the footage, and the action in the second video takes place shortly before the prisoners of war are on the ground, shot in the head at point–blank range.

Here’s the Conventional way of mobilization in Ukraine... -Telegram Video


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