Permalink UK’s Boris Johnson Urges Ukraine Not to Negotiate With Russia

On Friday, British Prime Minister Borish Johnson spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron and said that he urged Ukraine against negotiating with Russia. According to a readout of the call from Johnson’s office, the British leader updated Macron on his April 9 visit to Kyiv.

💬 “The Prime Minister updated on his visit to Kyiv last month and shared his conviction that Ukraine would win, supported with the right level of defensive military assistance." "[A]ny negotiations with Russia on terms that gave credence to the Kremlin’s false narrative for the invasion but stressed that this was a decision for the Ukrainian government.”

According to a report from Ukrainska Pravda citing sources close to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Johnson told the Ukrainian leader during his Kyiv visit that Russian President Vladimir Putin should be pressured, not negotiated with.

Biden Wanted $33B More For Ukraine. Congress Quickly Raised it to $40B. Who Benefits? (Glen Greenwald)

Permalink Pfizer Tested Their COVID Vaccine On Rats And Then Let Pregnant Women Take It

You probably didn’t know that Pfizer dumped 80,000 pages of documents this week. That’s because the American corporate media refused to cover it — and that’s because almost all of them took money from the Biden regime to promote the experimental vaccines and kill any critical coverage of them. Anyway, it turns out that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was not 95% effective: the data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate. But wait: it gets worse. There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Instead, they tested it on 44 rats. [...] Pregnant women in the U.S. military who were coerced into taking the jab have suffered horrific side effects and “congenital malformations” in their babies. There were more than 18,900 babies born with abnormalities in 2021.

Permalink Henry Kissinger gets rude when asked about NSSM 200 (VIDEO)

The Rockefeller capo doesn't seem to want to talk about his role in getting the US to cull the human race worldwide. | Here’s the document, which Kissinger et al. composed in 1974, on the need to make the lowering of the global population a major US foreign policy objective:


Permalink Investigators Find Neo Nazi Torture Chambers In Ukraine

Russian and Donbass investigators have gathered volumes of evidence dating back to 2014 on probable war crimes committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazi organizations against Russian forces, Donbass militia members, and civilians. Additional proof of similar acts has surfaced since Moscow launched its demilitarization campaign in Ukraine.

Russian security troops patrolling in the liberated Kherson region uncovered a makeshift torture cell that might have been utilized by neo-Nazis or the Ukrainian military. The facility, which contained the corpse of a person in a Russian military outfit with his legs cut off and wired to detonate, was discovered near the village of Zelenovka, approximately 7 kilometers northeast of Kherson, according to a security service source.

Permalink Biden Administration Creates ‘Ministry of Truth’

By now, you’ve probably heard that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has created a Disinformation Governance Board to oversee what information is and isn’t “truthful.”1 This includes information relating to elections.2 It’s so incredibly Orwellian, you’d think it was pure fiction, yet here we are. It’s real.

This “Ministry of Truth” will reportedly operate under and receive funding from the Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships (CP3), created by President Biden to “curb radicalization in the U.S.” It appears those in the Biden administration must have thought “1984” was an instruction manual rather than a warning.

Heading up this new “Ministry of Truth” is Nina Jankowicz, a “Russian disinformation expert” who in her spare time makes a fool of herself singing made-up show tunes about disinformation and erotic Harry Potter songs on TikTok. [...] Jankowicz has also publicly opposed the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, saying free speech is bad for “marginalized communities.”

Greenwald: Homeland Security’s “Disinformation Board (Technocracy News & Trends)

Permalink Russia: Ukraine’s ‘Senseless PR Action’ at Snake Island Led to Heavy losses

Another Bayraktar TB-2 strike drone, a Turkish import, was shot down over the island on Tuesday, said Major General Igor Konashenkov, the Spokesman for the Russian military. That makes nine Bayraktars destroyed over Snake Island since Saturday, he pointed out, RT reported.

Russian troops noticed on Tuesday three more bodies of Ukrainian attackers that washed up on the beach, Konashenkov added, for a total of 27 special forces and nationalist battalion personnel that perished on the island itself. During Monday’s briefing about the fighting on the island, Konashenkov stated that Ukrainian forces had lost three Su-24 bombers, one Su-27 fighter, four helicopters and three Centaur-class assault ships. On Tuesday, he clarified that three Mi-8 troop carriers and one Mi-24 attack helicopter were shot down on Saturday, while six more were later destroyed on the ground near Odessa, for a total of ten.

💬 “This adventure has turned out to be a disaster for Ukraine,” Konashenkov said, adding that the “thoughtless PR action of the Kiev regime to take Snake Island by Victory Day” resulted in the “meaningless deaths” of more than 50 elite Ukrainian troops, as well as pilots and crew of the destroyed aircraft and vessels.

Putin On Why The War Started, Failed Attempts On Snake Island (Moon of Alabama)

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