Permalink Pandemic simulation games - preparation for a new era?

In his lecture, journalist and author Paul Schreyer traces the development of terror from 1990 to 2020, explaining that the current Corona crisis is no coincidence, but was preceded by long planning. The starting signal for the worldwide spread of terror was 9/11, which was declared as the "war on terrorism" and consequently pushed forward until the current global Corona crisis.

Paul Schreyer is an author and journalist and writes critical non-fiction books on political topics. In his lecture "Pandemic Simulation Games - Preparation for a New Era?" he gives an overview starting from 1990, the end of the Cold War era, up to the current Corona crisis. He explains that this crisis is no coincidence but has been planned long-term. He says that from 1990 onwards, the USA carried out specific measures and exercises preparing the ground for the starting point of a global reign of terror which then began in 2001 with September 11 (9/11) and was declared as "War on Terror". Schreyer shows what led up to this, how these plans were developed and enforced to this very day of the global corona pandemic. Listen now to Paul Schreyer's very informative lecture.

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