Skeletal Gazan Youth

Daniel O'Phelan

Gazan children crushed
under three stories of concrete
toddlers with their grandmothers all dead
Israeli missiles not as intelligent as they said
pictures of them stacked on the back of a truck
they’re so thin — starved prior to their violent deaths
Israelis were so kind to release their suffering souls

So many say: why don’t the Arabs quit
go away shoo flies shoo
Arabs are apes and dogs — to the patriotic Jew
their leaders squeal like hogs tortured and confused
their destiny is slaughter
a Nation imprisoned on false charges

Palestinians have deeds to most Israeli country
but nuclear bombs are hard to negotiate with
the pen is greater than the sword
but not bull dozers that crush young girls
settlers on biblical trips
deluded and distorted — the face of Satan’s mistress
the fabricated damsel in distress
the US is the Great Satan
for subsidizing apartheid
and promoting genocide
Israel’s Mother was the UN
but now she’s not allowed to come in

Here’s the Israeli final solution:
vacate ancestral lands
dare not take a stand
or else you’re anti-semitic
attack the victim — it’s pathetic
kill them if they stay
bulldoze their homes
destroy their families
cage and lock them up
shoot the rock throwing boys
suck the water from their wells
uproot their olive trees
drag them off and plant them
in the Palestinian gardens
of a Brooklyn born jew
this is the best that Israel can do


Submitted by Daniel O'Phelan. Photo © N/A


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