R. B. Johannessen

"Our Two Nations in lockstep against Eurasia" -What's that supposed to mean?
There are several kinds of nations, of course...big ones and any number of small ones too,
according to what I've heard. Then there are those that live in peace with their neighbors
and those that don' of course the ones that steal other peoples' lands
and on top of that have the nerve to say the vermin brought it on themselves...
And there are all kinds of 'steps', of course, so what's a poor guy supposed to be thinkin'?
Let's see now. I already knew about doorsteps, and yeah, footsteps too. Kid's stuff, of course.
And my music teacher taught me about whole steps, so now I've got that one pinned down as well.
And over the years, politicians obviously have know, (hard not to notice),
getting them into all kinds of trouble, that's for sure. — So I already knew about that.
But wait, there's more: Now the President of the United Oceania (Oceania was always united)...
...what was it I was gonna say now...oh, yeah, now I remember: they was talkin' about locksteps, right?
As far as I can tell, this probably would be some kind of marching step, eh? -Why, this might even include
the notion of a step forward and a half step march too...(a bit slow for the Prime Minister perhaps).
And finally...finally, there used to be something called goose steps. (The Nazis had a thing about that,
didn't they?) So that's all military stuff, you see. And it all sounds like war. Sure does.
Sounds like a step backward kind of. — Like a really big one, now that I come to think of it...


Image: © N/A. The author also writes in 'Spiritual Matters' here


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