R.B. Johannessen

US and Israel in “lockstep” against Iran -What's this headline supposed to mean? There are all kinds of 'steps', of course, so what's a poor guy supposed to be thinkin'?

Let's see now. I already knew about doorsteps, and yeah, footsteps too. Kid's stuff, of course. -Sorry. And my music teacher taught me about whole steps, so I've got that one pinned down as well, I guess. And over the years, politicians obviously have know, (hard not to notice), getting them into all kinds of trouble, that's for sure. — So I already knew about that.

But wait, there's more: Now Obama's talkin' about locksteps, right? As far as I can tell, this probably would be some kind of marching step, eh? -Why, this might even include the notion of a step forward and a half step march too...(a tad slow for Netanyahu perhaps). And finally...finally, there's something called goose steps...(The Nazis had a thing about that, didn't they?) So that's all military stuff, you see. And it all sounds like war. Sure does. Sounds like a step backward kind of. — Like a really big one, now that I come to think of it...

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