Into These Knots

Ashley Anna McHugh

Tell us how the soul is bound and bent
into these knots, and whether any ever
frees itself from such imprisonment.
~ Canto XIII, Inferno by Dante Alighieri (1265–1321)

I say, Without a God there is no hell.
There’s only this—
. She rustles for her keys.
The apple tree sheds petal after petal.

She says, Let’s take you to the hospital.
The petals spin like sparks. I close my eyes
and say, Without a God there is no hell,

and there is only this. It’s just as well.
The lawn is red and white. She asks, Who says?
How do you know? The wind fells every petal.

She says, Let’s take you to the hospital.
I cannot breathe. I cannot tell her, Yes—.
Because without a God there is no hell,

as she whispers, Talk to me, I know I will
clamber—but not toward heaven, toward the sky,
eyes winking behind petal after petal.

The rope-burnt bark will flake away and fall.
Knot on my neck, the rest would be so easy:
I’ll pray, Without a God there is no hell,
then slip through petals—through petal after petal.


Source. About the poet. Illustration by Garden's Eye View./em


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