People Who Died

Ted Berrigan

Pat grandfather...throat cancer...1947

Ed dad...heart attack...1958

Dickie best friend Brucie’s big brother, when we were
five to eight...killed in Korea, 1953

Red O’ star & cross-country runner
who sat at my lunch table in High crash...1954

Jimmy “Wah” friend, in High School,
Football & Hockey crash...1959

Cisco Houston...died of cancer...1961

Freddy Herko, dancer...jumped out of a Greenwich Village window in 1963

Anne girl...killed by smoke-poisoning while playing
the flute at the Yonkers Children’s Hospital
during a fire set by a 16 year old arsonist...1965

Frank...Frank O’Hara...hit by a car on Fire Island, 1966

Woody Guthrie...dead of Huntington’s Chorea in 1968

Neal...Neal Cassady...died of exposure, sleeping all night
in the rain by the RR tracks of Mexico...1969

Franny Winston...just a girl...totalled her car on the Detroit-Ann Arbor
Freeway, returning from the dentist...Sept. 1969

Jack...Jack Kerouac...died of drink & angry 1969

My friends whose deaths have slowed my heart stay with me now

Source. About the author. Photo: © N/A


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