How to Spot a Fake Pandemic

Walter Gelles

A real pandemic does not need a relentless 24/7 propaganda campaign based on lies and disinformation.

A real pandemic does not need a bogus PCR diagnostic test (deemed worthless by the World Health Organization in January 2021).

A real pandemic does not need to be declared because of a respiratory virus which has never been isolated or proven to exist—a virus which if it does exist is statistically less deadly than the seasonal flu, with 99.9% of people recovering spontaneously within a few days.

A real pandemic does not need a tremendous exaggeration of the death count by shifting all Seasonal Flu cases into the “COVID-19” death column and by labeling anyone who died in a car accident or by suicide as “death by COVID-19”.

A real pandemic does not need to shut down freedom of speech.

A real pandemic does not need a Big Media/Big Tech censorship campaign to deprive people of vital information and alternative views by distinguished, prize-winning doctors and medical researchers who are smeared as “conspiracy theorists”.

A real pandemic does not need so-called “vaccines” (genetic modification treatments) that are harmful, often lethal, and have already killed and permanently destroyed millions of people around the world, according to the Governments’ own statistics.

The Israeli Genocide Continues

Walter Gelles

2.3 million are starving. The Israeli butchers
are busy carving---carving up the people
carving up the land. Don't you see this genocide
was carefully organized and planned?

Palestinians have no food, no water, no homes.
They huddle outdoors. Hospitals, schools, neighborhoods,
all gone as the Zionist war-machine marches on.

Gaza in ruins, most houses destroyed. Famine
and illness sweep the land, but Joseph Biden
is rather annoyed that Netanyahu didn't win quick---
US bombs and jets didn't do the trick.

If you think this is Israel's "self-defense"
then you are either blind or dense.

"We stole their land in '48, and now...
...we're going to complete the job.
Wipe them out, take back Gaza,
and make the West Bank a shopping plaza.
We'll drive the Amaleks into the sea.
More Lebensraum for you and me."

An anniversary West would rather forget


An epochal anniversary from the annals of modern history is coming up in another ten days that remains a living memory for the Russian people. The Siege of Leningrad, arguably the most gruesome episode of the Second World War, which lasted for 900 days, was finally broken by the Soviet Red Army on 27th January 1944, eighty years ago to be exact.

The siege endured by more than three million people, of whom nearly one half died, most of them in the first six months when the temperature fell to 30° below zero. It was an apocalyptic event. Civilians died from starvation, disease and cold. Yet it was a heroic victory. Leningraders never tried to surrender even though food rations were reduced to a few slices of bread mixed with sawdust, and the inhabitants ate glue, rats — and even each other — while the city went without water, electricity, fuel or transportation and was being shelled daily.

It was on the 22nd of June, 1941 that the German armies crossed the Russian frontiers. Within six weeks, the Army Group North of the Wehrmacht, armed forces of the Third Reich, was within fifty kms of Leningrad in a fantastic blitzkrieg and had advanced 650 kms deep into Soviet territory.

A month later, the Germans had all but completed the city’s encirclement, only a perilous route across Lake Ladoga to the east connected Leningrad with the rest of Russia. But the Germans got no further. And 900 days later their retreat began.

On Israeli Genocidal Inclinations and The Jewish Problem

Gilad Atzmon

Palestinian-Israel Conflict in Gaza in 2014 (AFP/Getty/Baltimore Sun)

[Posted on this blog on 08/08/14. There's no particular reason to assume that the thirst for Palestinian blood among Israeli Jews has been satisfied yet. Quite the contrary, there's reason to believe they will ignore the decision of the World Court to cease & desist. – Ed.]

A short interview with «Ο Φιλελεύθερος», Cyprus

Do you have any comments on the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip?

Gilad Atzmon: It is agonizing to watch the brutality of the Israelis, but it was predictable. Israeli genocidal inclinations are entirely consistent with Jewish supremacist culture and Old Testament barbarism. The fact that 91% of the Israeli population supports the IDF massacre confirms that we are confronting a murderous collective that is a grave threat to world peace.

What is Israel trying to achieve in the region? Is it possible it is acting to insure [sic] its control of energy resources that may exist off the Gaza Strip?

GA: It is possible that the massacre in Gaza has been lightly influenced by geopolitical considerations. However, the Israeli lust for violence and its broad support from Jewish institutions around the world suggests that the motivation to kill and destroy other people is embedded in Zionist culture. Its homicidal impulses may relate to the manner in which modern Jews interpret their sense of ‘choseness.’

You have often expressed your support of Islamic organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas that have resorted to violence as a means of achieving their objectives. Do you believe that resorting to violence is an acceptable way to achieve political results?

Poll Confirms -Israelis Love To Kill

Gilad Atzmon

Israelis watch the mass murder from a hilltop near Sderot, ex-
ploding with glee & joy each time a bomb hits Gaza...

[Posted on this blog on 07/30/14. There's no particular reason to assume that the thirst for Palestinian blood among Israeli Jews has been satisfied yet. Quite the contrary, there's reason to believe they will ignore the decision of the World Court to cease & desist (01/26/24). – Editor]

Ninety-one percent (91%) of Israeli Jews support Israel's campaign against the people of Gaza, according to a survey published Monday - and just 4.2% believe the operation is a "mistake."

The survey also revealed that 85% of respondents would only support a cease-fire agreement if Israel eliminated every Hamas rocket and destroyed the full network of terror tunnels before agreeing to do so.

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Israeli Jews polled "very strongly support" Operation Protective Edge's airstrikes on Gaza; 17% "support" the airstrikes; and 4.5% had "weak support" for the airstrikes. Just 1.5% of respondents opposed the airstrikes on Gaza.

Understanding America's irrational [fatal] love affair with Israel

America-China Watcher

Israel now is more of a burden than an asset to the US. But the US can't get rid of it.

A most peculiar scenario has unfolded in geopolitics. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East, involving Israel and the US, has diverted the US from its strategic focus on China and Russia. A ceasefire would be to the utmost advantage of the US, but the US remains steadfastly opposed to it.

A prolonged war in the Middle East involving the US would greatly benefit Russia and China, yet these two nations are adamantly advocating for a ceasefire.

The US has lost control over Israel. Israel just does what it likes, no longer adhering to US directives.

The question arises: why does Israel continue to display such aggressive behavior when the whole world has stood up against it? From Israel's perspective, their actions can be understood. Israel seeks to exploit Hamas attacks as a justification to permanently eliminate the threat (resistance) in Gaza and annex Gaza to gain control over its valuable territory, as well as its oil and gas resources.

If Netanyahu succeeds in achieving these goals, he will be hailed as a national hero in Israel, rather than someone who botched up the security promise to the Jewish people on October 7th. Throughout history, Israeli prime ministers who are renowned terrorists have been revered as national heroes by the Israeli population.

It is worth noting that the founding fathers of America were also involved in the massacre of Native Americans and slavery. Nevertheless, these figures go down history as national heroes.

"Whoever Believes the Muslim World has an Alternative to Resistance is Highly Delusional"

Alahed News & Staff

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation engraved a lasting defeat deep in the conscience of the Zionists.

“The myth has been shattered, the model has been shattered, prestige has vanished, the project has been shaken, and the cause that they worked to stifle for so long has returned to the forefront of all the walls of the world.”

Sayyed Nasrallah made the remarks in a letter he sent to the 12th International Conference of Gaza: Symbol of Resistance, which was held in Tehran. Hezbollah’s representative in the Iranian capital Sayyed Abdullah Safi al-Din read the letter.

“Titling your conference with the slogan ‘Gaza: Symbol of Resistance’ and timing it to coincide with a crucial moment in history when the Palestinian resistance is engaged in a major battle against the Zionist war of annihilation demonstrates the sense of responsibility of those involved in managing the conference and their blessed heeding of the call to stand by the Palestinian people, their cause, and their resistance.

“This requires all of us to bear great responsibilities and constant mobilization to rally the nation’s capabilities in support of the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance, which today, with its sacrifices, heroism, the blood of its men, and the steadfastness of its people, is truly writing the future of the nation, preserving its dignity, and consolidating its strength.”

His Eminence continued, “What ‘Israel’ lost to date in Gaza in terms of officers and soldiers at the hands of Palestinian resistance groups is many times greater than what it lost in the 1967 War. The ‘Israeli’ Army, which during the Six-Day War occupied more than 69,000 km2, is being defeated today on a part of the Gaza Strip. It is unable to achieve a goal or declare an occupation or an approaching victory. Rather, it retreats under the pretext of moving to a new stage. Therefore, it is natural and correct for the conference’s slogan to be ‘Gaza: Symbol of Resistance’. Gaza today is a symbol because there is an honorable, brave, and proud resistance in Gaza.”

The Goddess of the WEF

James Howard Kunstler

“What has been the number one theme of the World Economic Forum this year? It’s not climate change, it’s not Ukraine. It is censorship of the internet. They are painting a target directly on @ElonMusk’s forehead and they’re labeling it ‘X'” — Jack Posobeic

Tell me: is there a fairer grandmotherly face than this in all of Western Civ? Does it not seem to radiate eons of aggregate wisdom, maternal kindness, bountiful nurture, caring, and healing, and even a hint of fun in the nursery. . . the rectified essence of Teutonic beauty, fertility, vitality, and virtue. . . the loving smile of the life-giver caressing humanity like a spring zephyr wafting through the piney Schwarzwald on a June morning?

That is exactly why Ursula von der Leyen was (s)elected President of the European Commission, and why she was sent out to front the World Economic Forum (WEF) this week in her keynote speech to the assembled global grandees of Davos in the dead chill of January. It’s one thing when a cadaverous goblin such as Yuval Noah Harari tells you to eat bugs, and quite another thing when Oma Ursula tells you Keine Sorge, Kinder. Alles ist gut.

Ursula did offer us children-of-the-world one wee note of caution, though, as every good “granny” might give to the global kindergarten: watch out for misinformation and disinformation on the internet! Like the evil imps of the Germanic Märchen, these wicked forces lurk and propagate on the internet — waiting to dash all of the WEF’s benevolent plans for our utopian future.

Go, Palestine!

Linh Dinh

[Image: Palestinian fans ecstatic over their lone goal against Iran on 1/14/24]

Outside this biggest of continents, no one gives a flying matzo, but the Asian Cup is on. It’s heartening to see Palestine competing. Though barely existing, it’s not bad on the pitch. Last year, it beat Bahrain, tied Indonesia and lost to Australia by just one goal. Though it succumbed to Iran 4-1 three days ago, it should best Hong Kong on 1/23/24. Go Palestine!

Though it had no real chance against Iran, Palestine won everyone’s heart. Al Jazeera:

   💬 Fans from dozens of different nationalities who call Qatar home came dressed in Palestine shirts or draped in its flag and keffiyehs.

They danced to “Dammi Falastini” as the popular unofficial Palestinian anthem was played outside the stadium and watched in awe as a Palestinian dabke group performed on a stage outside the turnstiles.

Symbolic support can only go so far, so kudos to the Lebanese and Yemeni for risking much to engage genocidal Jews. Rather surprisingly, South Africa, too, has stepped up. At the International Court of Justice, this country with almost no Muslims or Arabs has the pariah state cornered. Sensing defeat, Netanyahu has already declared his nation would ignore any judgement against it. What else is new? Israel has always scoffed laws.

Not only that, it’s eternally motivated by revenge. Getting even against trumped up wrongs feeds its sick soul. Even when orchestrating or executing genocides, Jews still claim victimhood. Indignant sadism has become their trademark. Another is their targeting of entire groups, be it Slavs, Arabs, kulaks, “reactionaries” or simply whites, though the last have proven to be their most abject slaves.

Israeli Democracy Index: Israelis Believe Jews Should be Privileged, Non-Jews Should Not Decide Major Issues

Richard Silverstein

[Originally posted on this blog on 10/10/13]

The Israel Democracy Institute released its latest Democracy Index (summary and full findings), which I’ve covered here in the past. The findings, as I’ve reported before, confirm that by and large Israelis hold racist views and reject bedrock democratic principles, while believing that their country should be both Jewish and a democracy.

Just under 50% (48.9%) believe Israel should privilege Jewish citizens over non-Jews. Of those, younger Israelis showed an even higher preference for Jewish privilege (65%). 47% of Jews said that in terms of neighbors, their greatest aversion was to having an “Arab” neighbor. The survey, of course, perpetuates this racism by calling Israeli Palestinians by the common Jewish-used term, “Arab.” An even greater proportion, 56% expressed antipathy to having a foreign worker as a neighbor (among whom would be included African refugees). 42% of Palestinian respondents shared an aversion to a Jewish family as neighbors. 44% support policies encouraging Palestinian citizens to emigrate from Israel. This racist policy, known as population transfer, began in the 1970s as a hallmark of the Kahanist movement. But it became mainstream over the years (though the percentage of Israelis supporting it has gradually declined in recent years).

68% of Jews believe only they should be allowed to determine matters of peace and security, while 57% believe this should also hold true for economic matters. 31% (a plurality) believed that only Jews should be permitted to vote on any referendum on the final status of the Occupied Territories. 65% of Israeli Jews believe that Jews are “the chosen people.”

Of those, the majority tend to believe non-Jews should have no role in determining major national policy choices. The older the respondent the less likely they were to believe Jews were chosen. It should go without saying that these views are flagrantly anti-democratic and conflict with the view that most Israeli Jews hold that Israel is and should be democratic.

Richard Silverstein on Israel Murdering Its Own Soldiers

Richard Silverstein

[Originally posted on this blog on 08/01/14]

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: The following is a superb article by Richard Silverstein. It explores the history and meaning of the IDF’s Hannibal Directive - an Israeli military protocol designed to prevent IDF soldiers from being captured alive by enemy forces. The directive orders commanders to take necessary measures, including endangering the life of an abducted soldier, to foil a kidnapping. In practice, the Hannibal Directive orders IDF combatants to kill their comrades in a case of abduction.

Silverstein is horrified by the directive and its ethical and legal implications. He also believes that such a homicidal protocol is inconsistent with the Israeli military’s alleged heritage of caring for its soldiers.

But Silverstein’s perspective may be mistaken. It must be noted that military and civil law are distinctively different domains. While civil law serves to protect societal and individual rights, military law serves the system as a whole. This explains, for instance, why collective punishment is common and even acceptable within the context of a military legal discourse. It serves the military’s interests as opposed to the rights of individuals. The amusing adage “military law is to law as military music is to music,” captures the ethical absurdity that is entangled with military Law.

The Hannibal Directive is consistent with Israeli national and military interests. From the point of view of Israel’s strategic interests, a captured soldier entails compromises Israel would prefer to avoid.

UK's chief rabbi gives his blessing to war crimes in Gaza

Jonathan Cook

In referring to Israeli soldiers as 'our heroes', Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis not only has Palestinian blood on his hands but potentially Jewish blood too.

Britain’s chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, spoke at a public event at a synagogue last Sunday to extol the “outstanding” performance of the Israeli military in Gaza. He did so days before South Africa argues its case before the International Court of Justice in The Hague – starting today – that Israel is committing genocide in the enclave.

Whether Israel is eventually found to be perpetrating genocide may prove more a political decision than a legal verdict, given the pressures on the 15 judges from their respective national leaderships.

But it is indisputable that Israel has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza. It is known to have killed more than 23,000 Palestinians, most of them women and children, and seriously wounded tens of thousands more. It has driven from their homes the overwhelming majority of the enclave’s population of 2.3 million – that is, Israel has ethnically cleansed them.

Tragic News Predawn

Linh Dinh

[Bar Baraban in Kiev on 2/18/16]

Luckier than many, I look forward to each day, so getting up is my favorite activity. Often leaving my dwelling before the sun rises, I soak in all activities with elation and gratitude. In Vietnam, this means hearing birds, roosters, street sweepers and other early risers. In the dark, they exercise or walk briskly.

During my six months in Tirana, I was daily astounded by the Skanderberg Mountain Range, as seen from my 8th floor window. In Cape Town, it was the Table Mountain as I walked out my door. In Phnom Penh, the sight of the Central Market’s dome never failed to cheer me. Seeing it each morning from my Zing Hotel room meant it was time to hit the still dark alleys. In Pakse, the earliest light would reveal Amor Fati Cafe across the street. Sometimes, an old, hobbling woman who rarely strayed from her block would look up to see me. On the ground floor, Sơn and Thảo, meaning Mountain and Grass, would be busy setting up their hotel’s restaurant while getting their kids ready for school.

This morning, my usual elation was punctured and poisoned by the horrible news Gonzalo Lira had been murdered. Abandoned by his government and mocked by gleeful cowards, Lira had been tortured to death by a regime fronted by a corrupt clown and sustained mostly with American money.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 2/24/22 was merely a belated reaction to the American orchestrated Maidan Revolution of February 2014. Like Jews, Uncle Sam routinely inverts reality, so the destruction and humiliation of Ukraine, now in its final chapter, would be rebranded “The Revolution of Dignity.” Visiting Ukraine just two years later, I witnessed a society already on its knees, with its young men farcically sacrificed in a self-destructive war against Russia. The main American architect behind this was the Jewish Victoria Nuland. Since her grandfather had been forced to flee his native Odessa, Victoria was exacting payback, plus outrageous compound interest, but there were other factors.

Security Council approved a blatant US attempt to divert attention from the crimes of Zionists in Gaza

Yemen News Agency (Editorial)

SANA'A Jan 13. 2024 (Saba)- It was not surprising that the so-called Security Council, subject to the forces of evil and tyranny, led by America, Britain and their Western allies, took a politicized decision to try to prevent the Yemeni people from carrying out their religious, moral and humanitarian duty and responsibilities in supporting the Palestinian people, who have been subjected to Zionist-American aggression and siege for more than three months in front of the international community. And its alleged security council. [UNSC Res. 2722]

While the free peoples of the world were waiting for that council to carry out its responsibilities by adopting a strict resolution obligating the criminal Zionist entity to stop its brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip and condemn it for committing war crimes and genocide against tens of thousands of children, women and civilians in Palestine, that council’s action was counterproductive and it stopped in He described the executioner to provide support to the Zionist entity in its attempt to provide protection for Israeli ships in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab, so that it could continue to kill and exterminate the Palestinian people.

The government of the Zionist entity refused to implement the Security Council resolution issued in mid-November, which called for the implementation of urgent humanitarian truces in the Gaza Strip. However, the Council did not move a finger in the face of the Zionist entity’s refusal to comply with its decision, which makes all its decisions merely ink on paper and not subject to implementation. To be implemented, especially if it is based on deception and falsification of facts, as is the case with his recent decision.

That Council once again failed to carry out its role and obligations for which it was established under the Charter of the United Nations to achieve security and peace for the peoples of the world, proving again and again that it is merely a dependent and submissive entity created by America, Britain and other Western countries like them that are subject to global Zionism to advance their agendas and conspiracies to oppress, subjugate and kill. Peoples and plunder their wealth and resources.

Suddenly, Genocide Is On The Table

M.J. Rosenberg

[Originally posted here on 08/21/14]

The following piece by journalist David Sheen, a Canadian living in Israel since 1999 appears in Religious Dispatches, a blog published by the Annenberg School of Journalism at University of Southern California.

I am sending it out because we need to start paying attention to the ugly racism, including calls for genocide, that have been emanating from within the right wing of the Israeli and the American Jewish community.

We all hear Jews talking about the hate within segments of the Muslim community directed toward Jews. Too few recognize that our ultras are no different. We just ignore them and pretend they don't signify anything about us. They do. And now, suddenly, following the revolting Gaza campaign, genocide is actually being discussed, including by a top Israeli official. We can't ignore this, especially when these threats emanate from the same sector of Jewish and Israeli life that incited the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. These people are our Hamas or maybe our ISIS. We can't pretend they don't exist.

Earlier this week the Times of Israel published a post, written by American Yochanan Gordon, titled “When Genocide is Permissible,” which concludes with the following question:

If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?

Last week, the man gunning for the top spot at the Anti-Defamation League, New York University senior fellow Thane Rosenbaum, authored an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal legitimizing Israel’s killing of civilians, telling Palestinians in Gaza that, because a plurality of their voting-age population voted for the political wing of Hamas in national elections eight years ago, “you forfeit your right to be called civilians… you have wittingly made yourself targets.”

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