Security Council approved a blatant US attempt to divert attention from the crimes of Zionists in Gaza

Yemen News Agency (Editorial)

SANA'A Jan 13. 2024 (Saba)- It was not surprising that the so-called Security Council, subject to the forces of evil and tyranny, led by America, Britain and their Western allies, took a politicized decision to try to prevent the Yemeni people from carrying out their religious, moral and humanitarian duty and responsibilities in supporting the Palestinian people, who have been subjected to Zionist-American aggression and siege for more than three months in front of the international community. And its alleged security council. [UNSC Res. 2722]

While the free peoples of the world were waiting for that council to carry out its responsibilities by adopting a strict resolution obligating the criminal Zionist entity to stop its brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip and condemn it for committing war crimes and genocide against tens of thousands of children, women and civilians in Palestine, that council’s action was counterproductive and it stopped in He described the executioner to provide support to the Zionist entity in its attempt to provide protection for Israeli ships in the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab, so that it could continue to kill and exterminate the Palestinian people.

The government of the Zionist entity refused to implement the Security Council resolution issued in mid-November, which called for the implementation of urgent humanitarian truces in the Gaza Strip. However, the Council did not move a finger in the face of the Zionist entity’s refusal to comply with its decision, which makes all its decisions merely ink on paper and not subject to implementation. To be implemented, especially if it is based on deception and falsification of facts, as is the case with his recent decision.

That Council once again failed to carry out its role and obligations for which it was established under the Charter of the United Nations to achieve security and peace for the peoples of the world, proving again and again that it is merely a dependent and submissive entity created by America, Britain and other Western countries like them that are subject to global Zionism to advance their agendas and conspiracies to oppress, subjugate and kill. Peoples and plunder their wealth and resources.

Would it not have been better for the Council to search for the root of the problem and the main cause of the tension occurring in the region, represented by the Zionist-American escalation in the Gaza Strip, before talking about any reaction or position of any country that tries to stand by the attacked Palestinian people, as is the case with the Yemeni people who He took this great and honorable position from the standpoint of religious, moral and humanitarian responsibility, which is the correct position required by logic and consistent with all human values and principles.

Moreover, Sana'a announced from the start of its first military and naval operations that all its movements and operations come in response to the Zionist entity's escalation of its crimes and its siege of Gaza, and that its operations will stop if the aggression stops and the siege of the Gaza Strip is lifted, which means that what is being done With it, the Yemeni people are a response to the arrogance and arrogance of the Zionist entity and its Western supporters, most notably the American administration, which supports the Zionists and provides them with all the weapons, ammunition, logistical and financial support they need, in addition to the political support it provides to the entity, as it did recently through the Security Council.

That is why the Russian delegate to the Security Council, Vasily Nebenzia, considered the Israeli escalation in the Gaza Strip with American support to be the main reason for the current situation in the Red Sea, stressing in his comment on the Security Council resolution regarding navigation in the Red Sea that the United States and its allies are trying to impose unilateral solutions.

The Russian delegate also described that resolution, which was drafted by the United States of America and Moscow, China, Algeria and Mozambique refused to vote on, as “politicized,” indicating that it comes at the request of Washington, which shares the Zionist entity’s aggressive war and its heinous crimes in the Gaza Strip, and at the same time seeks to provide international cover. Therefore, the aggression enables the Zionists to continue exterminating the Palestinians, without anyone hindering them from doing so.

Through Resolution 2722, America and its partners attempted to divert the world’s attention from what is happening in Palestine in terms of the genocide of an entire people, the lawsuit brought against the Zionist entity before the Hague Tribunal for the commission of genocide crimes, and an attempt to distract international public opinion with what it falsely calls a threat to international navigation in the Red Sea, especially after it was destroyed. With a miserable failure to form an international military coalition to protect Israeli ships from the threats of the Yemeni armed forces.

In the first official Yemeni response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sanaa considered the Security Council’s adoption of its latest resolution evidence of its abject failure to carry out its responsibilities approved by the United Nations Charter to maintain international peace and security and protect human lives, stressing that Washington and its allies supporting the Zionist enemy issued this resolution under false pretexts. In order to mislead world public opinion and attempt to prepare for an illegal military escalation against the Yemeni people because of their humanitarian and moral stance demanding an end to the Zionist-American aggression that is committing war crimes and genocide against civilians in Gaza, and impeding the arrival of the food, medicine and fuel that the residents of the Gaza Strip need for the third month in a row.

The Sanaa Foreign Ministry also confirmed that Yemen is not concerned with this decision, which came after the Council’s failure to lift injustice against the Palestinian people, and its content sets a precedent that establishes legal chaos on the international scene and paves the way for conflicts in various parts of the world.

The American, British, and German threats that resulted from the Council’s decision were considered an example of the political bullying practiced by those capitals on the international scene, to cover up the crimes of the Israeli enemy against the Palestinian people since the seventh of last October, and to provide unlimited political, military, material, and logistical support to the Zionist enemy, which encouraged it to commit all forms of Violations of international law, international humanitarian law, and international agreements related to human rights.

According to the statement, Yemen took its humanitarian decision to provide all forms of support to the residents of the Gaza Strip out of moral and humanitarian responsibility and in response to the demands of the Yemeni people and the directives of the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council. It was announced to all international and regional shipping companies that the Yemeni forces are imposing a naval blockade on all ships owned by the Israeli enemy or Bound to it, while the rest of the ships have complete freedom of passage through the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait.

The statement stressed the importance of intensifying the efforts of the Security Council towards ending the aggression against the Gaza Strip and stopping the war crimes and genocide practiced by the Israeli enemy, instead of misleading global public opinion and issuing threats and threats to target the Republic of Yemen, as this represents an example of the double standards policy practiced by Washington, London, Paris and Berlin. To defend the Israeli enemy, which is witnessing internal collapse, and those countries are trying to export its problems to Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and other countries in the region.

While the statement urged all member states of the Security Council to assume their humanitarian, moral and legal responsibilities by not being content with their passive spectatorship in the face of the war crimes and genocide taking place in the Gaza Strip, and not to surrender to the desires of America, Britain and the countries that support the Zionists, it called at the same time on the countries that support the Zionist entity not to interpret International law according to its whims and interests, and to listen to its peoples’ demands to stop the aggression against Gaza.

As for the head of the national negotiating delegation, Muhammad Abdel Salam, he described the United Nations resolution on navigation in the Red Sea as encouraging the Zionist enemy to continue its crimes against the Palestinian people, and that the Council personally condemns itself for this blind bias towards the Zionist occupier, who is being prosecuted in the International Court of Justice for his brutal crimes. He considered Resolution 2722 a historical disgrace for an international council that is supposed to be concerned with protecting international peace and security, but it appears in contradiction to its function.

What was stated in Abdul Salam’s post on his account on the “X” platform is that the Security Council has turned into a platform for influential countries like America to pass their aggressive and colonial projects at the expense of the security and safety of peoples in the region and the world, indicating that the world’s abandonment of protecting the Palestinian people and the international bias in favor of the Zionists pushed the forces The Yemeni Armed Forces to carry out Red Sea operations in order to draw the world’s attention to the necessity of fulfilling its responsibility by pressuring the Zionist entity to stop the crimes of genocide against the people of Gaza.

The head of the national delegation also pointed out that the UN Security Council, through this resolution, enshrines the law of the jungle and calls it international legitimacy, ignoring humanitarian laws. He pointed out that America cannot hide behind the international resolution as it is guilty of protecting Israel and supporting it politically and militarily to continue its crimes against the Palestinians.

He reiterated that there is no danger to the ships of the world and there is no threat to international navigation, and that Resolution 2722 is filled with American deception and Western lies, and the UN Security Council must regain its basic function of protecting oppressed peoples, pointing out that the Security Council’s continuation as a platform for America and its destructive projects makes its decisions lose their legal status and value. Humanity.

By adopting this unjust and unjust resolution, the Security Council continues its failure of the Palestinian people and its conspiracy against the Yemeni people after it issued in 2015 a resolution to legitimize the American-Saudi-Emirati aggression and blockade against it, causing the killing of tens of thousands of children, women and civilians and the destruction of all facilities, service interests and infrastructure of the country, which led to It led to the collapse of the economic, living and health conditions of millions of Yemenis and caused the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.


Source: SANA. IMG: © NYT. AWIP:


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