Gaza: Genocide by Starving

Jamal Kanj
Al Mayadeen TV

Imagine you are at home, with your wife and children. It's dinner time before you put your three children to sleep. The room is cold, the propane cooking cylinder empty, no food, no electricity, or drinking water.

Your youngest child, Manar, cries, "I'm hungry. We haven't had food for the last four days." She rubs her dry bluish hands together, "Uhf-uh-ih-ih-uhhf, … I'm cold." The words escape her chattering teeth.

You, let's say your name is Nader, look at Manar's feeble body, her pale skin has lost color. The once bouncy curly black hair had tangled and knotted like a cluttered eagle nest, unwashed for more than a month.

Ahmad asks his wife, "Noora, did you search the cabinets and closets for the dry food?"

Noora took a deep breath, "More than ten times, our kitchen is as empty as our stomachs." She looked at the cold floor in despair, her face twisted into a sorrowful mask.

"Press this against Manar's stomach," he said in a low voice and handed Noora a bag full of sand. "It'll help her sleep, again."

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