The Story of Victory: How “Israel” is Deceiving Itself

Staff Alahed News,
Translation: Al-Akhbar

Iran and “Israel” presented two completely contradictory pictures of what happened at dawn on April 14. This is a rare occurrence when it comes to such developments, which are often interpreted with a degree of neutrality, even by these two parties.

“Israel”, which always claims to be a “credible” source for the reality on the ground, didn’t exactly come off as reliable this time around.

In this particular event, the relatively neutral reading – and the issues are all relative here – didn’t need much in the way of finger-pointing.

The battle took place live on television. Its military and technical details and political dimensions were analyzed in the mainstream and on social media like nothing else before.

It’s safe to assume that this is exactly what Iran wanted. In the days leading up to the attack, Iran informed everyone about it, as if it were inviting them to a “wedding”.

Anyone, who is impartial – most people are when they watch an event of this magnitude developing moment by moment, regardless of their previous positions – can only acknowledge that what Iran did was a bold, but calculated, act against an entity that enjoys complete immunity from some of the world’s most powerful and richest states because it wasn’t a reason for the expansion of the war, which is what Tehran said before and after the event.

Since everything was evaluated in a very broad way, it’s important to answer the following questions: Where did “Israel’s” claim of “victory” come from, and what evidence does it have to prove it?

Following the attack, “Israeli” channels celebrated, and still are, what they call a victory over Iran. The media outlets praised “Israel’s” supposed superior military capabilities and technology.

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