The Fall of Critical Thinking

Bruce W. Davidson

The Covid panic and repression did not happen in a vacuum. A pattern of persecuting people rather than engaging those with dissenting opinions had already been well-established in the educational world and the mainstream mass media, making the oppressive treatment Covid dissenters experienced somewhat predictable. Likewise, there was an obvious, widespread failure to apply critical thinking.

Once upon a time, the educational world had a golden opportunity to improve itself dramatically. The critical thinking movement captured the attention of many in the university world and K-12 education in the 1980s and early 1990s. Richard Paul, a prominent figure in the movement, hosted an annual Conference on Critical Thinking in Sonoma, California, in which I participated several times and learned a lot from people such as Paul and Robert Ennis.

Exposure to the movement’s perspective and methods transformed my approach to teaching students and comprehending ideas and information. Until then I had often been perplexed in dealing with many of my Japanese junior college students, who had a tendency simply to parrot ideas they encountered in the mass media and books, rather than thinking for themselves.

In particular, I was shocked to find some student research papers echoing the anti-Semitic views of a Japanese journalist, who believes that the destruction of Israel is the only solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. The students had uncritically accepted his radical opinions as unquestionable truths.

How Can I?

Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

Look at me

I would love to write poetry about love,

Paint rainbows and butterflies,

Roll in a meadow

Enchanted by rosebud scent

Run down the hills with open arms

Embrace the Earth

Inhale the sky

Explainer: What makes Pahlavi monarchists and Israeli regime natural allies?

Press TV Staff Writer

Benjamin Netanyahu's regime in Tel Aviv has found support from not-so-strange quarters for its genocidal war against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, including Iran’s unpopular former monarchists.

In the past five months, the son of the deposed former Iranian monarchist and his loyalists have been aggressively lobbying for the child-murdering regime and justifying its war crimes.

Reza Pahlavi, the son of Iran’s last Pahlavi dynasty ruler Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, has been unapologetic about his ties with Netanyahu and other Israeli regime officials, even visiting the occupied territories to express his support for the regime’s settler-colonial project.

In statements to British and Israeli media after the events of October 7, the self-proclaimed “crown prince” endorsed the Israeli regime’s genocidal onslaught on Gaza, while vilifying Hamas and Iran.

In November, his wife Yasmine was seen at a pro-Israel rally in Washington, waving the long-discredited Pahlavi and Israeli flags, with Pahlavi bots circulating them on social media pages.

The alliance between Iran’s former monarchists and the Israeli regime, who share common goals, got impetus after Pahlavi and his spouse visited the Israeli-occupied territories in April of last year, hosted by the Israeli premier himself.

It marked the formalization of their long-standing informal evil-evil relationship.

Maria Zakharova: Biden is not interested in peace but in ISIS*

Maria Zakharova

In an article for Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman tells who is sowing controlled chaos in the interests of the United States.

American politicians have persuaded themselves that the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall was committed by the ISIS* terrorist organization banned in Russia. Why they do this is clear - there are no two ways about it.

Billions of dollars and an unprecedented amount of weapons were invested unaccountably and with the use of corrupt schemes in the Kyiv regime, aggressive rhetoric against Russia and blatant nationalism, the ban on peaceful negotiations on Ukraine, and endless calls for a violent solution to the conflict, the refusal to condemn the long-standing terrorist attacks carried out by the Kyiv regime and massive information and political support for any, even the most terrible actions of Zelenskyy - all this directly and indirectly points to the involvement of the current occupants of the White House in the sponsorship of the terrorist organization ISIS*. Hence, Washington's daily "excusing" of its underlings in Kyiv, and the attempt to cover themselves, along with the Zelenskyy regime they created, with the scarecrow of the banned ISIS*. And then they fell into their own rusty trap.

What is ISIS*?

At one time, as part of the counteraction to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, Washington actively supported the mujahideen, armed and guided them. Already when she was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, almost clapping her hands, recalled: "...we are going to recruit these mujahideen. And that's great. Let's import the Wahhabi variety of Islam into Afghanistan so that we can defeat the USSR". It was as a result of that Afghan campaign that Al-Qaeda* (recognized as a terrorist organization, banned in Russia) emerged. Let's leave Afghanistan for a moment and move on to Iraq.

Wake-up Call

James Howard Kunstler

“Those who organized the disaster will take advantage of the inevitable discontent arising from efforts to overcome it, for if there is one thing that they are skilled in, it is demagoguery.” — Theodore Dalrymple

Can you feel it? The tension rising to the red-line? It runs clear through all of Western Civ. We are ruled by governments of fiends. But now, the sun rides higher in the sky. The sap is rising in the northern forests. The earth heaves. The buds swell and blush. Something is in the air. The animals are waking from their long winter sleep. The natives are restless.

The two traditional political divisions, liberal and conservative, died with Covid. Now there are simply the sane versus the insane. The sane have had enough of being pushed around by the insane. The insane don’t register much of what reality tries to tell them. They have a body of insane ideas to comfort and protect them from reality’s rigors. To call that body of ideas an “ideology” is way too polite.

That the insane call themselves “progressive,” is a signature of their insanity. Progress toward what better state of things? Toward a supremacy of fiends, sadists, degenerates, and morons seizing riches and power by every dishonest means possible outside the rule of law and common decency? It’s not even suitable to call them “communists.” They lack the necessary idealism for that. They don’t expect to put their shoulders to the wheel with their fellow man. They just want to grab your stuff and then kill you so they don’t have to hear any complaints.

The insane do not believe any of the theoretical bullshit they want to force you to swallow. They don’t care about climate change. It’s just a cudgel they use to beat everyone over the head so they can steal your stuff. They don’t care about “democracy.” It’s just a line of bullshit to cover up their election-stealing. Do you suppose that sane people would keep using electronic vote-tabulating machines that were demonstrably connected to the Internet, and thus hackable, if they cared about election integrity? Of course not. They would arrange p.d.q. to junk them and use paper ballots, and only in person at polling places, with “absentee” exceptions only for people out of the country.

The panic of the deep state: Trump’s return would be the end of NATO and the EU

Cesare Sacchetti

When Donald Trump in 2016 walked down the mobile stairs of his New York residence, the Trump Tower, many prominent members of the deep state were anguished by a feeling of both panic and fear. Panic because for the first time after the whole XX century, there was a presidential candidate who was not picked by the circles who had ruled Washington for so many decades.

We are talking about the circles of the deep state, which is that underworld of globalist offshoots that constitutes the secret government of the United States and the entire Western world.

We are referring to clubs such as the Council on Foreign Relations, funded by the ubiquitous Rockefeller family that is very tied to another powerful Ashkenazi family as the Rothschilds.

We are also talking about the Bohemian Grove, a club that is attended by prominent politicians, former Presidents, economists and major names of the music industry such as the leader of the U2 worldwide famous rock band, Bono Vox.

Every year in the woods of California, these gentlemen gather to perform a ritual where a baby doll – although according to some whistleblowers it’s a real baby – is put between the jaws of an owl statue that seems to resemble the ancient Moloch divinity. Moloch was an evil entity to which the Israelite and Babylonian tribes sacrificed infants.

The fact that Moloch belongs to the history of Israel is even confirmed by the same Jewish communities around the world, and in this regard we could mention a celebration of Jewish history held in Chicago in 1933. On that occasion, during the show, a statue of the Moloch was displayed. The people who ruled this world for decades, or maybe we should say for centuries, are affected by the most deviant tendencies such as pedophilia, incest and even coprophagia, which was practiced by the infamous British occultist Aleister Crowley and the Italian gay activist, Mario Mieli, a “myth” in the Italian LGBT community who committed suicide when he was just 32. These clubs are the real power of the Western world, and the higher the people in this world sit, the most perverted they are.

Int’l Body: Gaza Facing Mass Killing of Children in Slow Motion, Starvation as Method of Warfare

Staff Alahed News

The international charity organization "Save the Children" has voiced concern over the high death toll of children in the Gaza Strip, saying the besieged territory is facing a “mass killing of children in slow motion” as the apartheid “Israeli” entity continues to block safe delivery of aid.

Jason Lee, Save the Children's country director in the occupied Palestinian territories, made the remarks on Wednesday, warning that time is running out for children in Gaza, particularly in northern areas, where they are at the highest risk of starvation due to a tight “Israeli” siege.

💬 “What we are witnessing in Gaza is a mass killing of children in slow motion because there is no food left and nothing getting to them. They are dying because the world has failed to protect them, and now families are fleeing to ‘Israel’s’ next military target to avoid starvation, caught in a death trap,” Lee said.

He went on to say that the international community must take serious action to prevent starvation in the blockaded territory:

💬 “Whenever we learn lessons from the past, we resolve to never again let “atrocity crimes” unfold. The test is now right in front of us. Children are being starved while trucks of food are denied access and continued fighting prevent delivery of the little aid coming into Gaza. We are failing that test.”  “Unless action is taken by the international community, to uphold their responsibilities under the Geneva Conventions and prevent the most serious crimes of international concern – including the use of starvation as a method of warfare – history will and should judge us all,” he added.

Killing machine: How US arms are used by Israeli regime to kill Palestinians

Ivan Kesic

More than five months into the Israeli genocidal war on the besieged Gaza Strip, the death toll of Palestinians has just crossed 31,000, with thousands more still trapped under the rubble.

Almost 14,000 of those killed by the Israeli military, using sophisticated American weapons, are children and approximately 9,000 are women. More than 72,000 others are wounded.

The vast majority of these people were killed in Israeli air strikes targeting civilian infrastructure, in which almost half of the cases involved unguided aerial bombs.

Information about the types of bombs used by the Israeli regime has been revealed by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and their effect on the population and infrastructure of Gaza is also known to the US intelligence apparatus and the government.

However, the Joe Biden administration has continued to supply lethal weaponry to the Benjamin Netanyahu regime in Tel Aviv, ignoring growing calls worldwide, including by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), for a halt to arms shipments to Israel.

Observers have questioned the decision by the Biden administration to airdrop aid over Gaza, which killed five people a few days ago while continuing to provide fuel to the Israeli killing machine.

The Sandcastle

Jeff Thomas

The decline from democracy to tyranny is both a natural and inevitable one. That’s not a pleasant thought to have to consider, but it’s a fact, nonetheless. In every case, a democracy will deteriorate as the result of the electorate accepting the loss of freedom in trade for largesse from their government. This process may be fascism, socialism, communism, or a basket of “isms,” but tyranny is the inevitable endgame of democracy. Like the destruction of a sandcastle by the incoming tide, it requires time to transpire, but in time, the democracy, like the sandcastle, will be washed away in its entirety. Why should this be so? Well, as I commented some years ago,

The concept of government is that the people grant to a small group of individuals the ability to establish and maintain controls over them. The inherent flaw in such a concept is that any government will invariably and continually expand upon its controls, resulting in the ever-diminishing freedom of those who granted them the power.

Unfortunately, there will always be those who wish to rule, and there will always be a majority of voters who are complacent enough and naïve enough to allow their freedoms to be slowly removed. This adverb “slowly” is the key by which the removal of freedoms is achieved.

The old adage of “boiling a frog” is that the frog will jump out of the pot if it’s filled with hot water, but if the water is lukewarm and the temperature is slowly raised, he’ll grow accustomed to the temperature change and will inadvertently allow himself to be boiled. Let’s have a look at Thomas Jefferson’s assessment of this technique:

The Gaza War Is Shattering “Israeli” Narcissism

Dr Rida Al-Shab, Al-Akhbar Newspaper

"The day before October 7 is not the same as the day after. The Al-Aqsa Flood Operation killed the “Israeli” security doctrine. This prompted “Israel” to move from containment when dealing with the resistance in both Palestine and Lebanon to a battlefield approach under the slogan, “The War of No Choice.”

This is the narrative that the “Israeli” media is peddling both at home and abroad. The objective is to try and justify the genocidal behavior in Gaza and the mounting human and economic costs on the way to achieving the war’s declared goals: retrieving the captives, breaking the back of the resistance in Gaza and the West Bank, stifling the internal Arabs voices, changing the political reality in the post-war Gaza Strip, and imposing changes on the map to the military positions of the Lebanese resistance along the areas adjacent to the settlements surrounding the occupied Galilee.

The political and security establishment in Tel Aviv and “Israeli” elites have always linked their genocidal behavior to behavioral psychology and its American founder, John Watson.

They’ve attempted to justify acts of genocide in Gaza by citing the famous behavioral current theory – for every stimulus there is a response. The brutal response is the crazy war on Gaza, and the stimulus is October 7th, marked on the ground with the signature of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Here lies the crux of the matter. It is true that the behavioral trend in psychology says the following: “Every stimulus has a response.” But it links that response to a motive. Individuals can change abnormal responses or establish them through motives. For example, not every poor person (stimulus) is a legitimate thief (response). Responses to the stimulus itself vary among people with different motives.

Based on this, the inherent aggressive “Israeli” behaviors must be explained by linking them to the underlying motives, so that it is possible to understand the true motives driving the occupiers’ subconscious. Successive governments have worked, and are still working, to consolidate these motives in the process of creating a superior racist subconscious.

Gagauzia, the other pro-Russian thorn in Moldova’s side

Sébastian SEIBT

Highlights: Moldova is seen as a target of Russian destabilization operations. Moscow especially has its sights set on a part of Moldovan territory, Transnistria. But it is Gagauzia that has attracted more media attention in recent days. The Russian decision to exploit the situation is not surprising, according to experts in Russia and Moldova. The former Soviet republic is wedged between Romania and Ukraine and does not benefit from NATO protection.. Among the 135,000 inhabitants of the region, most are Turkish- Orthodox Christians. Almost a third of the population holds Russian nationality.

Could Gagauzia become a second Transnistria? This is what one might think after the governor of this small region of Moldova received assurances from Moscow to support her...

As if the independence aspirations of Transnistria were not enough for Moldova's misfortunes. For more than a week, another region of this small landlocked country between Ukraine and Romania has added a pro-Russian thorn in Chisinau's side: Gagauzia.

Indeed, since February 2022 and the Russian offensive in Ukraine, the fate of Moldova has become a source of concern. This former Soviet republic, wedged between Romania and Ukraine (and which does not benefit from NATO protection) is seen as a target of Russian destabilization operations.

Moscow especially has its sights set on a part of Moldovan territory, Transnistria, which has escaped its sovereignty since the disintegration of the USSR in 1991. Since then, a Russian army corps has been stationed there. But it is Gagauzia that has attracted more media attention in recent days. Evgenia Gutul, the baskan (governor) of Gagauzia since July 2023, was very officially invited by Russian President Vladimir Putin to the World Youth Festival in Sochi, which ended on March 7.

Canadian Government Plans 'Stalinist Show Trial' of Heroic Doctor

Walter Gelles

Legal trickery would silence Dr. Charles Hoffe

Prominent Canadian physician Dr. Charles Hoffe has spoken out courageously to warn people of the very serious dangers of the Covid mRNA genetic "vaccines". He now faces trial from the Canadian health authorities aiming to silence him and effectively destroy his medical practice.

What is most disturbing about this unprecedented case is that, if the prosecution gets its way, all the evidence produced by the State claiming the Covid vaccines are "safe and effective" will be deemed indisputable, irrefutable—and Dr. Hoffe would not be able to defend himself or call expert witnesses!

In other words, a Stalinist show trial designed to intimidate all doctors and patients who value medical freedom of choice, the right to a fair trial, freedom of speech, and medical ethics.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, where Dr. Hoffe practices, had scheduled the disciplinary hearing for March 4th through March 15th. But at the last minute, the College pulled a fast one.

  💬 "When [the College] saw the mountain of evidence stacked against them, and against the public health narrative, obviously they panicked because I don't think they realized how vigorous our opposition was going to be," explains Hoffe in a March 7th interview.1

As a countermeasure, the College dumped a massive trove of documents on Dr. Hoffe's lawyer AND invoked an almost unheard-of legal trick called Judicial Notice, which means the disciplinary Panel would accept all the College's basic assertions as incontestably true. Hoffe's voluminous evidence—both from his own private practice as a family doctor and from the scientific literature—that the Covid mRNA vaccines cause widespread death, neurological problems, micro-clotting, infertility, immune-system damage, and other severe adverse side effects would be inadmissible.

Given this outrageous legal trick, Dr. Hoffe's lawyer had no choice but to request an adjournment and hire four more attorneys to sift through the College's eleventh-hour document-dump.

Zionist Jews in Biden administration calling the shots on Israeli war on Gaza

Ivan Kesic

One of the key but underreported factors of the unwavering US support for the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza is the overwhelming presence of Zionist Jews in the Joe Biden administration.

These Zionist Jews exert enormous influence in the American power corridors and enjoy unconditional support from the US president who has on numerous occasions boasted of being a “Zionist” himself.

The presence and influence of Zionist Jews in the White House has always been a point of discussion, however, since the events of October 7, it has manifested itself in many ways.

Biden administration’s vetoes of ceasefire resolutions in the UN Security Council, which drew widespread condemnation from pro-Palestine groups, rekindled the debate about the Zionist influence.

Raising the issue of the dominance of Zionist Jews in the US administration and policy circles is often seen through the prism of "anti-Semitism" in the West, even though the same people paradoxically like to boast about the disproportionate number of Jews in other fields.

The Zionist Jewishness of Biden's cabinet was pointed out recently by The Forward, a progressive media for a Jewish American audience, as well as the Israeli right-wing newspaper Times of Israel.

Being a Jew should not be seen as a problem, but those in the Biden administration have clearly exhibited the tendencies of Zionism – not only justifying the Israeli regime’s genocide in Gaza but also lobbying for more financial and military aid to the occupying regime. There are also non-Jewish Zionists whose support is motivated by Christian Zionism or belonging to pro-Israel lobbies, a common case in the ranks of the Republican Party.

The problem lies in the fact that everyone in the Biden administration is a radical Zionist who will uncompromisingly justify Israeli war crimes, with slight disagreements over relatively minor issues, such as illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Caged Beasts Driven Insane

Linh Dinh

[Pakse, Laos on 6/5/23] Sherwood Anderson, “For a time he was lonely and wrote to Alice almost every day. Then he was caught up by the life of the city; he began to make friends and found new interests in life.”

Why quote a rather plain passage about a generic situation? Although a cliche by now, there is much tragedy behind it. Publishing Winesburg, Ohio in 1919, Anderson depicted not just a society, but the entire world, destined for social chaos and disaster. He himself lived it.

Uprooted, he was launched into a world of interchangeable strangers, with beautiful faces and smiles everywhere, and instant friends that could be discarded at will. With so many possibilities behind so many doors, of course Alice, his hometown sweetheart whom he had made loved to just once, would fade away.

Left behind, faithful and immobile, Alice was neither modern nor progressive. Even after Ned had stopped writing her, she still believed he would return. To prepare for this, Alice saved so they could even travel together:

“Ned always liked to travel about,” she thought. “I’ll give him the chance. Some day when we are married and I can save both his money and my own, we will be rich. Then we can travel together all over the world.”

Even now, that’s a common trajectory for more traditional, stable minded people. You get married, work, save then roam a bit after your kids are grown, so just before you’re dead. Boozing on a cruise ship, you can hop off every so often to buy trinkets and snap selfies, then get back onboard for more gin and tonic. Tonight, you’ll give béarnaise sauce a try, but what the hell is a bang bang bonsai roll?! Does it come with a condom? You still have it.

Take Back Canada!

Walter Gelles

An anthem for a nation under siege

Take back Canada!
We don't need Trudeau.
The Son of Castro* has got to go.
The Maple Leaf has come to grief.
It's time to turn over a brand-new leaf.

No more scamdemics. All praise to the truckers!
The Covid tyrants are motherf_ckers.
No more Zelensky sitting with Hunka.
Send those Nazis back to their bunker.
Do not defile our Parliament's halls.
Hang up the phone when Biden calls.
Not a nickel more for Ukraine.
The war to begin with was insane.
Now our eyes are open wide—
End the Israeli genocide.

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