How Can I?

Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

Look at me

I would love to write poetry about love,

Paint rainbows and butterflies,

Roll in a meadow

Enchanted by rosebud scent

Run down the hills with open arms

Embrace the Earth

Inhale the sky

I would love to dance for love;

Twirl with jubilant nightingales

Swept off my feet

Besotted, entranced

As I sing my lullaby

I would love to dream of love, stretch my wings

Taste the clouds, touch infinity as I fly

Watch prophets pray

Hear angels sing

Bathe in light, a Heavenly delight

Roam the cosmos before I die

I would love to sing for love

Fling open the gates of my soul

Invite the world in

Tuck it all under my wings

Rock back and forth

Caress its wounds

Whisper “I love you”

Watch it heal before my eyes

I would love to close my eyes and see children smiling

Tell them stories of lily-like fairies in far-away lands

No guns pointing at their heads

No bullets shrieking…. no missiles exploding

No blood, no burns, no broken limbs,

no prison bars, no tears, no sighs

I would love to embrace a baby,

Hold her safe, sway her gently in my arms

Stroke her face in tender love and astounding wonder

Teach her sweet words, mama, baba, habibi Allah

Look into her eyes in dazzling awe and whisper

My amazing grace,

You are my hope, you are my love, you are my joy

You are my rainbow, you are my lilac and my amber


How can I?

There is a dagger in my heart

I am hurting


I bleed,

I cringe

I cry


I am being slaughtered

Under your watchful eyes

I am cold… cold…. cold

I cringe

I cry

Humanity, where are you?

Why do you turn your face away?

Why do you keep looking the other way?

I am here


In Gaza’s alleyways

Humanity, where are you?

Look at me

See me

I am here


In Gaza’s alleyways

I cringe

I cry


Enough turning the other way

Turning a deaf ear

Turning a blind eye

While I, and oh … my poor children


Source: Poetry For Palestine. AWIP:


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