Dying from Bombs Easier: A Woman Tells about Starvation in North Gaza

Staff, Middle East Eye

The famine in northern Gaza, caused by “Israel’s” strangling siege, has reached extreme levels, Palestinian residents said. There have been several reports of people dying from malnutrition, including infants.  Life for over half a million people there now revolves around a single task every day: finding something to eat. In this following account, a resident of Gaza City, who did not wish to be named, recounts to the struggle to survive in a war-torn city.

💬 “Things are difficult. Getting anything has become a difficult task, even simple things like sugar, salt and rice. We go on looking for them everywhere, even in old shops and abandoned homes. If and when we find them in shops, they are sold at crazy prices. About four days ago, around 800 bags of wheat flour came in. There are up to 700,000 people in northern Gaza. This means one bag for around every 1,000 people or so. My cousin was among those people who managed to get a bag. It's 25kg. He distributed it among our extended family and each of us got one kilo. Just like everyone else in Gaza, my sister and I mixed our share with corn and soy flour. We do this to increase the quantity. I spent three hours in the morning starting the fire and cooking it, and in the end, it wasn't good. It was hard, uncooked and tasted weird. My sister started crying and I tried to calm her by saying we could add thyme to it and eat it that way. Then I visited my aunt's house and they were struggling to get the fire started because the remaining wood in Gaza is not good. So, I spent the next three hours helping them. After that, I went to my uncle's house and they had the same problem, so I helped them. My uncle didn't seem right to me during the visit. I asked him what was wrong and he didn't answer.

Beaten, Stripped, Used as Human Shield: Gaza Victim Recalls “Israel” Terror

Maram Humaid, Al-Jazeera

Blood all over his face, and his eyes swollen, Ramadan Shamlakh arrived at a hospital after passersby found him struggling to walk southwards from northern Gaza.

The 21-year-old man said he had endured beatings, a stripping and a war crime – he was used as a human shield – by “Israeli “soldiers when they raided his family home in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City on Tuesday morning.

His story, and his desperate escape on foot to the south, came as the “Israeli” army renewed its ground military operations in the neighborhood in the east of Gaza City, prompting residents to flee again towards al-Shifa Hospital to the city’s west.

Shamlakh was at home with his mother, his injured brother, and his four sisters, when they were all surprised by tanks advancing and surrounding them in the area.

💬 “It was around 6:30 a.m. when the ‘Israeli’ soldiers blew up a wall in our house and then opened fire randomly at us.” “The soldiers brutally attacked me and my brother, who has been suffering from a foot injury since the 2014 war, and beat us extensively,” Shamlakh said. “We [told] them that we were civilians, and it was not our fault, but to no avail,” Shamlakh told Al Jazeera, while receiving treatment at Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Hospital in Deir el-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.

Warning: This Website May Harm Your Preconceptions

Walter Gelles

This is a Public Service Announcement.

According to Wikipedia and other CIA-controlled Establishment media, you are currently visiting:

    an extremist website
    a far-right website
    a conspiracy theory website
    a misinformation website
    a far-left conspiracy website
    or something of that nature.

In other words, you are visiting an independent website that searches for the truth, wherever the trail of evidence may lead.

The Powers That Be do not like websites that question or contradict the Official Narratives, whether those narratives pertain to the Covid planneddemic, the "safe and effective" Covid clot-shots that are actually quite harmful, climate change alarmism, the US/NATO war against Russia via proxy Ukraine, the subservience of the US Democrat/RINO Uniparty to globalist forces, or the ongoing US-backed Israeli genocide of the Palestinian people, Silicon Valley traitors like Google and Facebook do NOT want you to share any such information, facts, opinions, reports, interviews, or documents.

Visiting any truth-telling independent website could disorient persons who have been brainwashed by the Mainstream Media (MSM) into believing the MSM's lies and propaganda. As former CIA Director William Casey said, “We shall know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believes is false.” And CIA ex-Director William Colby observed: "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media." So scrap everything you think you've learned from the New York Times, the Washington Post, your city newspaper, and the major TV networks.

Stoltenberg: Ukraine Can Use West-Supplied F-16's Against Targets "Outside Ukraine"

Harold Turner
Hal Turner Show

NATO head Jens Stoltenberg tipped the Alliance's hand today when he told media that the F-16's being given to Ukraine by the West, "Can be used to hit targets outside of Ukraine." Read: inside Russia.

Now, the F-16 is a terrific war plane but it is NOT Stealthy. It "can" be tracked by radar and it "can" be hit by surface-to-air missiles. Russia's air defense capabilities are second to none, especially with their S-400 and still un-used S-500. So the F-16's are not likely to last very long once they are placed in service of Ukraine.

One big unknown here is which missiles those F-16's will be equipped with. They can handle long-range air-to-ground missiles, some of which have a range "in excess" of 500 miles; which would put Moscow itself within striking distance of those planes.

Another even bigger "unknown" is where those F-16's will takeoff and land? The air fields inside Ukraine are beaten to a pulp by Russia. None of them - to my knowledge - is capable of handling the re-fueling, re-arming, and maintenance of those F-16 jets. So the big question seems to remain, WHERE will those jets takeoff and land?

Russia has made it publicly clear that if those jets takeoff from a NATO base, and attack Russians, then the planes AND THE BASE THEY TAKEOFF FROM will be "mercilessly destroyed." That right there opens the door to a NATO member country being able to say "We have been attacked" and invoke the NATO Collective Self Defense Treaty, Article 5. [Well, no. Not if NATO attacks first, directly from a base outside Ukraine. This would be Russia defending herself. – Editor]

Russia has ALSO made it publicly clear that they know NATO conventional forces are SUPERIOR to Russian conventional forces. They publicly admitted this. But Russia then ALSO said "We are a nuclear power. And our nuclear capability is superior to NATO. If Article 5, Collective Self-Defense is invoked against Russia, it will be a war that no one will win." Those are the EXACT words they spoke. Well, as most readers know, there is only ONE type of war that "no one will win" — a nuclear war.

An Opportune Death Hypocritically Mourned

Stephen Karganovic

The psychopaths that Navalny foolishly agreed to serve probably got lucky, Stephen Karganovic writes.

If Western media are to be believed, after the countless failures of their poisonous preparations clumsy Russian chemists seem now to have finally gotten it right. Alexey Navalny is reported to be dead and the Kremlin Borgias can now say: Gotcha!

However, unfortunately for the orchestrators of the new media stunt that after February 16 plunged the Western political class and MSM into a hysterical frenzy, the carefully crafted delusion began to unravel as soon as it was launched.

First off, it turned out that the politicians and media began to react as if on cue literally just a quarter hour after the obscure website of the Russian penitentiary system posted the news of Navalny’s death.

Observe the highly indicative chronological sequence of events and draw your own conclusions about the plausibility of their indignation.

At approximately 2:19 p.m. on February 18, 2024, the website operated by the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area (surely not in the favourites section of most people’s computers) reported the death of convict Alexey Navalny in Prison Colony No. 3.

The corridor of betrayal

Mona Hojat Ansari
Tehran Times

[02/27/24][23 Feb 2024]: "The Israeli occupation is once again caught red-handed—An investigation by Mondoweiss found that just like "Israel" itself, the land bridge may be a sham in and of itself used by the occupying entity to assure their investors that it was all okay and that the economy was not completely crumbling." Sorry for this.—Editor

How Israel is using Arab countries' help to bypass the Yemeni blockade in the Red Sea

On November 19th, as the world was still struggling to take in the sheer brutality of Israel against Palestinians in Gaza, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called on Islamic countries to cut ties with the regime for at least a “limited period of time” to help save Palestinian lives.

Before governments, people all over the world seemed to follow the advice in a bid to pressure Israel in any way they could. Store shelves in West Asia and beyond began to see an accumulation of Israeli products as citizens refused to spend their money to fund a genocide. Many not only avoided purchasing Israeli-produced goods but also boycotted brands associated with the regime, causing giant companies like Starbucks and MacDonald’s to suffer heavy revenue losses.

Among Arab states, some felt obliged to act against Israeli onslaughts more than others. The biggest display of solidarity toward Palestinians was undoubtedly seen in Yemen. The impoverished country’s Ansarullah movement began to target Israeli ships in the azure depths of the Red Sea, choking off a lifeline extremely vital to Israel - the bustling port of Eliat. Yemen’s courageous stance in support of Gaza, however, did not come at a low price.

Israel’s biggest patrons, the U.S. and Britain, launched airstrikes against Yemeni positions saying they were acting to “protect” the interests of ordinary people. Western media outlets jumped out as stenographers, arguing that Ansarullah’s attacks in the Red Sea would eventually cause prices to surge in the West and hence needed to be dealt with. Nothing though was mentioned about the fact that only Israeli ships were getting targeted and that these attacks too would come to an end once the regime agreed not to kill Palestinians anymore.

The Western aerial assaults on January 12th unleashed haunting echoes of years of unrelenting Saudi bombardments for Yemenis. People were reminded of a harrowing symphony that has left vast swathes of the country in ruins, and incited famine across the Arab nation.

Bill Gates, Cease And Desist

Walter Gelles

Bill Gates wants to jab your arm.
Bill Gates pushes deadly vaccines.
Bill Gates is a serial killer,
an ignoramus doing much harm.
Bill Gates is morally obscene.

Bill Gates is the Global Health Czar.
He appointed himself to the task.
He more or less owns the W.H.O.
Every nation does what he asks.

Bill Gates is a sociopath.
He knows the vaccines kill and maim.
Mountains of evidence prove it
but he loves the jabs all the same.
He's paralyzed thousands in India.
In Africa he's killed millions.
In the USA where Lies hold sway
the sheeple lined up for their jabs right away.
Now he's working on "vaccine patches"
to eliminate the dreaded needle
but the people are leery of getting his poisons
though his media whores cajole and wheedle.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Price of Our Spilled Civilian Blood is “Israeli” Blood, Our Rockets Are Able to Reach “Eilat”

Alahed News, Live Coverage

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Nasrallah delivered on Friday a speech at the festival commemorating the Martyr Leaders Day.

Sayyed Nasrallah started his speech by thanking the huge turnout participating in the festival Martyr Leaders Day festivities in different Lebanese cities.

“The martyr leaders are today greatly present and guiding us towards the stance and goals,” Hezbollah Secretary General said while asking, “If our leaders were among us, what stance would they have taken regarding the aggression on Gaza? Would it be neutrality or supporting the oppressed Palestinian people?”

His Eminence spoke of the strength of the Resistance and its people saying that victory is eminent saying, “Today, we are stronger and we have greater hope and certainty of the coming victory”.

“Everyone belonging to resistance is ready to sacrifice their lives for the Cause and the clear example is our martyred Leaders,” Sayyed Nasrallah explained.

In his speech, Sayyed Nasrallah spoke of the most important characteristic of the convoys of martyrs, wounded, detainees, fighters and good honorable people from the beginning of the “Israeli” entity’s existence until today is that no matter how great the sacrifices are, they won’t be weakened.

Land of Spooks and Shills and Sheeple

Donald Jeffries

Trust is hard to find — Trust is a rare commodity in today’s world. Maybe it always has been. I remember trusting some older males who were relatives or neighbors, as a child. Then later as an adult, I’d hear from my sister and others about how these fine upstanding men had propositioned them, or touched them inappropriately.

Moral trust is one thing. We all fail to some degree on this count, because we are all sinners. My head will probably always be turned by a good-looking female. It’s just instinctive. I remember a great comedy skit with Richard Pryor, where he was sitting in a crowd with his wife/girlfriend, who was glaring at him, upset over him checking out other women. Then his head turns again, and he tells her, “Can’t you see how strong that shit is? I know you’re gonna be mad, but I still can’t stop it!” While it bothers me when I attend a wedding where the divorced bride’s children from her first marriage are ringbearers or flower girls (mumbling to myself, “I can’t stop thinking she said ‘I do’ to someone else just five years ago’), I understand human weakness. Judge not lest ye be judged.

It’s political trust that’s on my mind. If you listen to me Saturdays at 12 noon on “America Unplugged” with Billy Ray Valentine and Tony Arterburn, you may have heard our discussion this past Saturday on Tucker Carlson’s interview with Vladimir Putin. It was obvious by the comments in the chat, and later on YouTube, that most people disagreed with me. I was arguing that, whatever Carlson’s real motivations, I usually agree with what he’s saying over 90 percent of the time. Yes, I’m aware that his father was the head of Voice of America, and that he once tried to get into the CIA. That he scoffed at 9/1 “truthers” and other “conspiracy theorists.” Maybe his bow tie was too tight. Is he just playing the role of mainstream “skeptic?”

I’m not accustomed to being the least skeptical person in the room about anything. I was a born skeptic. A doubter of all official narratives. But if the alt media is just going to attribute all good reporting, and sensible commentary to a hidden agenda, then what is the point of even addressing any issue? Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Rand Paul, RFK, Jr., all compromised.

The underestimated power of the placebo

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

Note: The following essay is taken from a longer essay in the book 'Memories 3by Dr Vernon Coleman

Everyone has heard of witch doctors casting spells. It is well known, and well documented, that seemingly healthy individuals have died within weeks or even days of being cursed by a witch doctor of some kind. The power of the mind is difficult to under-estimate. A man or woman in a white coat can be, unwittingly, just as powerful as a witch doctor dressed in feathers and performing a mystical dance.

The word ‘placebo’ has been used since 1811 to denote a medicine given more to please than to benefit the patient. It is perhaps a rather unfair definition, for though the placebo may have no active effect it may nevertheless have a definite and useful psychological effect.

An alternative name sometimes used is ‘dummy tablet’ as the constituent of a placebo is traditionally nothing more than lactose or starch. As well as being used to treat patients, placebos can be used to test patients and to test other remedies. Sir William Gull, a 19th century physician who, annoyed and disturbed by claims for many treatments said to be useful for rheumatic fever, published a tongue in cheek paper extolling the virtues of mint as a cure. He selected mint at random but was amazed to see that his mint water treatment became fashionable and apparently effective.

America 2.0: Taxation Without Representation

Donald Jeffries

I no longer have an argument against anarchy. There isn’t an authority in this crumbling land that is worthy of our respect. They are all illegitimate.

Our Founders never envisioned that those selected to represent the interests of the people would be career politicians. They pictured statesmen, who were interested in public service, not lining their pockets. They never thought of writing term limits into the Constitution. Those enjoying the free ride surely aren’t going to implement them.

In 1944, John T. Flynn, best remembered as the “cancelled” head of the New York chapter of the America First Committee trying to prevent our entrance into World War II, wrote the book Meet Your Congress. It was not just an expose on how bad Congress already was, but a plea for the legislative branch to flex their muscles, and check the unbridled power of the judicial branch and the imperial presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Constitution established three separate but equal branches of government, which was supposed to prevent too much concentrated power in any one place. But early on, the legislative branch took a clear back seat to the judicial branch, when John Marshall simply invented Judicial Review.

When Abraham Lincoln took office, and overstepped his constitutional authority with reckless abandon, the template for the imperial presidency had been set. There has never been an imperial Congress.

Brace for Impact

James Howard Kunstler

“It’s not enough to say it’s nuts, you have to explain why it’s so nuts.” – Terrance McKenna

“Joe Biden’s” victory dance in South Carolina — down on the ol’ Democratic Party Plantation, where they grows votes — didn’t last long. By Sunday, a rogue satellite named Tucker Carlson was spotted orbiting over Russia, Russia, Russia, a country you have to say three times so that people get how serious it is. Carlson threatens to actually sit down in the same room with Putin, Putin, Putin — the antithesis of “Joe Biden,” since Putin actually operates as head-of-state — and convey Mr. P’s thoughts and opinions to the citizens of America via the rascally social media platform called “X.”

Do you realize the danger of exposing Americans to what this Putin might say? Hearing him express his thoughts about the world situation in a leisurely format — which Putin does regularly among his own people (I’ve seen him do it!) — is liable to inform Americans that their own political leadership is a party of mental illness.

Even without this new provocation of a Carlson / Putin colloquy, folks in the land of the free and the home of the brave have begun to grok just how insane things have gone under “Joe Biden” blobism. And that darn conversation comes just egg-zackly at the moment when our Senate is attempting to package a bill tying a $60-billion taxpayer gift to Ukraine with a “border security” law that will forbid more than 8,500 foreigners on any given day to enter the USA illegally. Sweet deal, huh? Er. . . maybe not. On the House side of Congress, Speaker Mike Johnson says, “No way, José.

This is the End

Dr Vernon Coleman

I’m told that rich, posh people put their children down for Eton before they are born – probably before they are conceived. Well, these days, we have to make an appointment to see a doctor before we fall ill and an appointment for an ambulance before we need one. And you have to book a heating engineer well before the central heating boiler breaks down.

I forgot to fix a breakdown appointment when we had hot radiators and hot water so we’ve been freezing for ages and we’re likely to stay freezing – probably until the summer, if we get one this year. After last year’s cold, nasty summer I can’t remember what sunshine feels like. Hence the hat, scarf and gloves I’m afraid. Oh, how I wish someone would invent some way to warm up the planet.

Actually, the failure of our boiler is more interesting than you might think. As you doubtless know birds won’t roost near to the 5G transmitters which have been erected all over the world. We used to have a parliament of crows living in trees close to our house. A transmitter was put up in the lane recently and the crows have moved house. At the same time workmen in a plain van appeared and spent two days digging up our lane. There didn’t seem to be a reason

Within weeks of this happening our phones stopped working, our Wi-Fi became so erratic that it takes hours to put up articles and videos on our already heavily attacked sites, our TV and DVD player remote controls stopped working, our freezer broke, our cooker gave up the ghost and, yes, you’ve guessed it, our boiler stopped working due to an electronic problem of some kind. Oh, and the car’s electronics went on holiday. And we’ve both had worrying and slightly mysterious headaches. Coincidence? I think not. I don’t believe in them these days. The dirty tricks get dirtier.

Doug Casey Exposes the Hidden Agenda of Davos

Doug Casey

International Man: It’s that time of the year when a bunch of out-of-touch, self-anointed elites gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

It’s where they discuss the big issues of the day. The most influential world leaders attend, as do the CEOs of the largest companies, leaders in the mainstream media, and top academics. Central bankers attend, too, along with a wide assortment of celebrities.

What do you make of Davos and the people who attend it?

Doug Casey: It is unquestionably the world’s greatest gathering of narcissists, opportunists, and fools—at least outside of the UN. But the UN is really just for mid-level bureaucrats who think it’s a big deal to live high off the hog at government expense and pretend they’re big shots. Davos is for people with private jets.

For 30 years, I sponsored a conference called the Eris Society that met every year for three days in Aspen, Colorado. It was for people who had done something outstanding but might not know each other to meet. It might have evolved into a libertarian-oriented Davos, but for a lack of corporate sponsorship and my limited organizational skills. And the fact is absolutely nobody took libertarian ideas seriously in those days. Anyway, I can understand how Schwabenklaus’ WEF might’ve started.

Bill Gates’ Conversation With His Daughter Clotilda

Walter Gelles

Note: Bill Gates does not have a daughter named Clotilda, but if he did, this is what might have transpired.....

Bill Gates: Clotilda, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?

Clotilda (her body shaking): I don’t want to talk about it.

Bill Gates: Tell me, honey. Are you upset about Mommy?

Clotilda: No, it’s not that. It’s just that…well, I’ve been looking at websites on the internet filled with testimonies from people who suffered bad reactions to the Covid vaccines. A lot of people died right after getting the injections, and others have permanent convulsions or paralysis or heart damage or blindness or—

Bill Gates: Those are just misinformation sites, honey. These people are all attention-getters and fraudsters. They make up a story to get sympathy, then they do crowdfunding to bilk the public.

Clotilda: NO! These are believable stories from real people! I checked them out. There are thousands of them all over the internet, on websites like VaccineDeaths, TheCovidBlog, 1000COVIDStories. VaccineImpact, TheEmpoweror, VaccineInjuryNews, Pandemic.News, These are real people, and their tragedies are horrible and heartbreaking… (She cries).

Bill Gates: Sweetie, it’s all just a coincidence. This has nothing to do with the vaccines. The vaccines are safe and effective. They protect people from—

Clotilda: No, they don’t protect anyone. Their so-called protection wears off after 4 or 5 months, then you’ll need a booster, then another one, and another, which wrecks your immune system.

It is Not “Settler Colonialism”

Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

“Settler colonialism” is a misnomer

It implies just a migration of some people to settle somewhere else

It sounds normal, harmless and benign

It sounds soft, peaceful and inclusive

It sounds permanent, “here to stay”

What we have in Palestine, is not “settler colonialism”, what we have is no less than a Supremacist Genocidal Barbaric Belligerent Occupation of Historic Palestine which has to be terminated.

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