Doug Casey Exposes the Hidden Agenda of Davos

Doug Casey

International Man: It’s that time of the year when a bunch of out-of-touch, self-anointed elites gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

It’s where they discuss the big issues of the day. The most influential world leaders attend, as do the CEOs of the largest companies, leaders in the mainstream media, and top academics. Central bankers attend, too, along with a wide assortment of celebrities.

What do you make of Davos and the people who attend it?

Doug Casey: It is unquestionably the world’s greatest gathering of narcissists, opportunists, and fools—at least outside of the UN. But the UN is really just for mid-level bureaucrats who think it’s a big deal to live high off the hog at government expense and pretend they’re big shots. Davos is for people with private jets.

For 30 years, I sponsored a conference called the Eris Society that met every year for three days in Aspen, Colorado. It was for people who had done something outstanding but might not know each other to meet. It might have evolved into a libertarian-oriented Davos, but for a lack of corporate sponsorship and my limited organizational skills. And the fact is absolutely nobody took libertarian ideas seriously in those days. Anyway, I can understand how Schwabenklaus’ WEF might’ve started.

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