Palestinian Detainees Released from “Israeli” Jails Talk of Terrible Abuse

Staff, Alahed News

Severely damaged skin, signs of fatigue, unkempt hair and long beards - this was the state in which a number of Palestinian detainees emerged from “Israeli” prisons following six months of detention.

In the past few days, at the end of six months of renewable administrative detention, “Israel” released dozens of Palestinian detainees from several jails - people who had been arrested in the wake of the start of the aggression on Gaza on 7 October.

The evidence of mistreatment shown by the prisoners is indicative of what rights groups have warned is an unprecedented level of abuse taking place in “Israel's” jails.

Community activist Omar Assaf was among those released in recent days. Assaf, 74, was arrested on 24 October after his house in central Ramallah was stormed by the “Israeli” army. He was immediately transferred to administrative detention, which allows him to be held without trial or charge for as long as the Zionist authorities want.

He unveiled that the prison conditions were indescribably cruel, and that his appearance speaks volumes about the condition of Palestinian detainees.

💬 “They constantly assaulted the prisoners with severe beatings, using batons, rifles, and heavy shoes," he explained. "There were prisoners with broken ribs and limbs without providing them with any treatment."

Palestinian prisoner groups said that the “Israeli” occupation army has arrested more than 8,000 Palestinians from the West Bank alone since 7 October, including 280 women and at least 540 children.

Rights groups have documented widespread mistreatment, with the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees [UNRWA] last week releasing a report detailing - among other abuses - detainees being urinated on and made to act like animals, and children being attacked by dogs.

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