Iran shows itself as a powerful and responsible power in the Middle East

Veniamin Popov

The dates of 7 October 2023 and 13 April 2024 will go down in the history of the Middle East as milestones that defined a new balance of power. The myth of Israel’s military superiority and the invincibility of its army will be gone forever.

The Gaza massacre, which caused enormous loss of life and destruction, effectively isolated the Netanyahu government in the international community. Only the US and a few other Western powers provided diplomatic cover for his military provocations.

When the Israelis attacked the Iranian consulate in Damascus on 1 April, killing senior officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Western countries disrupted the UN Security Council’s discussion of this terrorist act by refusing to condemn this clear violation of international law.

In Tehran, many political forces demanded a response to this monstrous crime, and Iran’s representative to the UN made it clear that the Iranian authorities would be prepared to refrain from using force if the UN Security Council took a clear decision to condemn the attack.

On 13 April, Iran fired more than 300 drones and missiles at Israeli military installations – the first time in history that the Iranians have attacked Israel directly from their own territory. This was essentially the beginning of a new policy line for Tehran, which had previously been guided by the “concept of strategic patience”, avoiding direct attacks against Israel and the United States.

Iran used only a small fraction of its missile arsenal and warned that it was ready to use its new cruise and hypersonic missiles in the event of an Israeli attack: only military targets were targeted on 13 April, and the entire operation was conducted in such a way as to avoid civilian casualties.

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