NATO’s Proxy War Against Russia Was Always in Essence Terrorism

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

The attempt by the United States and its NATO partners to create a false narrative about the Moscow terror attack only underlines their culpability and the depth of their depravity.

The terror attack in a Moscow suburb last week was indisputably orchestrated and enabled by Western powers. In many ways, there should be no surprise about this because the NATO proxy war against Russia was always essentially “unconventional” – or, more plainly, terroristic.

The timing of the move to deploy more outright acts of terrorism reflects the fact that the U.S.-led NATO proxy war in Ukraine is facing historic defeat, and hence Russia’s enemies are – by necessity – switching to unconventional terror tactics.

Only a week after the atrocity in which more than 140 people were shot dead by terrorist gunmen in a theater, it has been fairly well assessed who organized the mass murder of Russian citizens.

The trigger men may have been four individuals from Tajikistan but it seems all but certain that the masterminds behind the slaughter were the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies working in collusion with the Kiev NeoNazi regime.

What remains to be determined is how high up in the Biden administration was this nefarious plan authored. Suspicion points to the head of U.S. national security Jake Sullivan and the former State Department official Victoria Nuland. The latter was the point person for covert dirty tricks in Ukraine going back to the Maidan coup in Kiev orchestrated on her watch along with the CIA. Just before Nuland resigned from office last month, she had bragged about “nasty surprises” awaiting Russia.

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