NATO’s Proxy War Against Russia Was Always in Essence Terrorism

Strategic Culture Foundation Editorial

The attempt by the United States and its NATO partners to create a false narrative about the Moscow terror attack only underlines their culpability and the depth of their depravity.

The terror attack in a Moscow suburb last week was indisputably orchestrated and enabled by Western powers. In many ways, there should be no surprise about this because the NATO proxy war against Russia was always essentially “unconventional” – or, more plainly, terroristic.

The timing of the move to deploy more outright acts of terrorism reflects the fact that the U.S.-led NATO proxy war in Ukraine is facing historic defeat, and hence Russia’s enemies are – by necessity – switching to unconventional terror tactics.

Only a week after the atrocity in which more than 140 people were shot dead by terrorist gunmen in a theater, it has been fairly well assessed who organized the mass murder of Russian citizens.

The trigger men may have been four individuals from Tajikistan but it seems all but certain that the masterminds behind the slaughter were the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies working in collusion with the Kiev NeoNazi regime.

What remains to be determined is how high up in the Biden administration was this nefarious plan authored. Suspicion points to the head of U.S. national security Jake Sullivan and the former State Department official Victoria Nuland. The latter was the point person for covert dirty tricks in Ukraine going back to the Maidan coup in Kiev orchestrated on her watch along with the CIA. Just before Nuland resigned from office last month, she had bragged about “nasty surprises” awaiting Russia.

Russian investigators have established a money trail from the Kiev regime to the killers. It was already known at an earlier stage that the shooters were trying to escape to Ukraine by car across the Russian border. Ukraine’s military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov is an American asset – as is the whole Kiev regime. He liaises closely with American and British intelligence services. Budanov’s pleasure over the Moscow atrocity implicates not only his involvement in this horrendous crime but also his puppet masters in the CIA and MI6.

Washington and London’s strange insistence that the Kiev regime had nothing to do with the crime and that it was all done solely by Islamist terrorists is laughable but also incriminating. The Western propaganda media instantly took their cue to peddle Washington’s narrative that the terror attack in Moscow was carried out by Islamists supposedly affiliated to some obscure group (ISIS-Khorasan) based in Afghanistan. By concocting this cover story, the West naively assumes that that lets the Kiev regime and its NATO sponsors off the hook. What’s more, the United States and its European allies have mocked Russia for ignoring the superficial identity of the terrorists and allegedly trying to smear the West.

If Western media were not so saturated with disinformation and brainwashing, it would be crystal clear that the United States and its NATO partners have a long and well-documented history of sponsoring so-called Islamist terror groups to do their dirty work of regime change and other illegal operations.

There is absolutely no contradiction in Russia’s analysis that the mass murder in Moscow was orchestrated by Western state sponsors using Islamist hitmen. On the contrary, there is a voluminous connection from the origins of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan in the 1980s, to the deployment of terrorist jihadists in Chechnya to destabilize Russia in the 1990s and early 2000s, to regime change wars in the Middle East over the past decade, best exemplified in Syria.

This week, as reported by Vanessa Beeley, there has been an upsurge in terrorist attacks on the Syrian city of Aleppo by jihadists supported by the United States, NATO, and Israel.

The Western states are fully involved with fomenting, weaponizing, and directing multifarious Islamist terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda, Islamic State (ISIS), Chechen fighters, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jabhat al Nusra, ISIS-K, and endless other iterations.

After the defeat of NATO’s regime change covert war in Syria as a result of Russia’s support for the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad, the jihadist terror gangs found a new arena for their murderous employment in the NATO fiefdom of Ukraine. The Banderite junta with its NeoNazi ideology of exterminating Russians found a useful purpose for the CIA and MI6 hired guns. Many of these Western-sponsored jihadists from Syria, Chechyna, and elsewhere have joined NATO’s foreign legions to fight for the Kiev regime against Russia in Ukraine.

This year has seen an uptick in terror attacks into Russian territory from Ukraine, principally in the Belgorod and Bryansk regions. These attacks have involved NeoNazi squads working with Islamists and all armed and directed by the CIA and British.

It is therefore a seamless matter that these U.S. and NATO-backed instruments of terror have also been deployed to carry out the mass shooting in the Crocus City Hall theater on the outskirts of Moscow last week.

The only people finding such an assessment “preposterous” are the Western sponsors and their brainwashing media outlets who are desperate to cover their tracks in an act of heinous terrorism.

Washington’s claims that it alerted the Russians of an impending terror assault back on March 7 deserve a special mention with contempt. That alert was vague and incomplete. It did not convey proper warning, as the New York Times admitted last week. The terror alert was of no practical help to Russia in averting the crime near Moscow on March 22. But what it did achieve was to give the Americans a plausible claim that they tried to issue an alert and it appears to bolster the narrative of Islamist terrorists working separately and alone.

The attempt by the United States and its NATO partners to create a false narrative about the Moscow terror attack only underlines their culpability and the depth of their depravity.

It is appalling too that so little sympathy and basic human compassion has been shown in the West to the Russian people. There is a perverse sense of blaming the victims, in large part fostered by Russophobic politicians and media. One recalls that when terror attacks occurred in other nations, for example in Paris in 2015, the world would light up public buildings in French colors out of solidarity. No such compassion was shown toward Russian victims of terrorism.

The proxy war that the U.S. and its accomplices unleashed against Russia in Ukraine in 2014 culminating in 2022 has always been an unconventional war that is steeped in a much bigger unconventional conflict.

When Nazi Germany was defeated by the Soviet Red Army in 1945, the Western imperialists moved immediately to deploy terrorist alternatives to defeat Russia. The Nazi remnants in Ukraine were redeployed to terrorize Russia in the 1950s and 60s with CIA and MI6 directing the traffic behind enemy lines. The Kiev regime that seized power in 2014 is a continuation of the modus operandi. The Islamist terror network that the Americans and British created has augmented the unconventional tactics, as have economic warfare through sanctions, blowing up undersea gas pipelines, the NATO war games rehearsing nuclear attacks on Russia, and so on.

The proxy war using Ukraine as a battlefield has reached a historic endpoint. The defeat is due to Russia’s formidable armed forces, Moscow’s political defiance, and the tenacity of the Russian people as seen most recently in the overwhelmingly popular re-election of President Vladimir Putin.

The United States and its imperialist minions are in a deep quandary as they are forced to face a historical moment of nemesis. The Western enemies can’t publicly accept defeat – politically it’s going to be hell for these warmongering criminals when Western citizens fully realize the horrific losses and culpability of their so-called elected governments.

Russia’s enemies have thrown everything into the Ukraine proxy war – over $200 billion in weapons and financial support – and they have failed to inflict their much-sought-after ulterior objective of strategically defeating Russia. They are the ones now facing strategic defeat.

Notably, this week a senior British military commander, Lt General Sir Robert Magowan admitted that Britain would not last two months in a conventional war against Russia. The same abject outlook can be said for the armed forces of the United States and other NATO members.

The Western imperialists have exhausted their military arsenals from recklessly supporting the NeoNazi regime in Ukraine on a futile mission to subjugate Russia.

Given the desperate state of the Western enemies, they are resorting to full hybrid or unconventional war mode in their psychotic effort to conquer Russia and assert Western hegemony. That means the kind of terror attacks we saw last week in Moscow and during previous weeks in Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk will likely increase.

At the very least, Moscow needs to now obliterate the NATO front known as the Kiev regime to cut off the terrorist assault.


Source: Strategic Culture Foundation. IMG: © N/A. AWIP:


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