So Where Were You?

Walter Gelles

Where were you
when the bombs fell?
A nuclear war. It didn't end well.
The US pushed Russia over the edge.
Putin honored his "sacred pledge".
The globalists who run America
were keen on having a nuclear event.
The Demo-Republican Uniparty
gave their wholehearted assent.
The Senile Usurper ate the nuclear biscuit
and crowed "I am the Pres-i-dent."

Where were you when the bombs fell?
A holocaust courtesy Isra-hell.
They flattened Gaza...Palestinians no more
so the Muslim nations evened the score.
The globalists who run America
were keen on provoking a nuclear event.
The people supported the propaganda.
Now they sleep in a bed of cement.
The psychopaths who run America
pushed the baby carriage over the cliff.
Elections rigged. Democracy dead.
The rotting corpse is cold and stiff.

Where were you in the fake pandemic?
The lies and fraud were epidemic.
Did you roll up your sleeve like a good little sheeple?
Whatever happened to We The People?
Or did you notice the clot-shot is lethal?
Where were you? Were you tending your garden
while Gates and Fauci got a blanket pardon?
Mass Murder comes in many forms
besides radioactive storms.

Where were you in the nuclear war?
Were you on your cell phone
or with some whore?
The war was over in an hour or less.
It ruined the Super Bowl.
God, what a mess.
So where were you? What did you do?
Why weren't you out on the street to protest
the globalists' schemes which the world detests?


Source: IMG-1: © IMG-2: © AP Photo/Abed Khaled. Img-3: © Simone Noronha/New York Times. AWIP:

Sasha Latypova, the prominent researcher/activist who exposed the key role of the US military/CIA in orchestrating the Covid plandemic, wrote about Canadian doctor Charles Hoffe in her April 8 substack, and she included my entire article about Hoffe's impending "Stalinist show trial" which the Canadian government is trying to impose to strip him of the right to a defense. Sasha's article was then picked up by TapNewsWire,,, and other popular sites. I hope this coverage somehow helps Dr. Hoffe. — Walter Gelles


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