False Flags Won’t Pass!

"Hadi bin Hurr"

Why would ISIS choose to carry out such a large-scale terrorist attack on Russian soil at this very moment when we know that nothing similar was attempted even in the midst of the war in Syria?


If it weren’t infinitely disgusting and totally inappropriate to the tragic moment, someone might find it funny how much Washington and their satellites are trying these days to prove that Ukraine has absolutely nothing to do with the horrible terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall that killed 144 completely innocent Russian civilians, while 360 of them were injured and 95 are still considered missing. If these professional Western liars had a little more brain than a parrot needs to endlessly repeat the same nonsense that no one on this planet believes anymore, they would realize that Moscow, by labeling the Kiev Nazi regime as the culprit of the second largest terrorist operation in Russia since 1991, in fact, in front of the whole world, more than directly calls out Washington and their other subordinate power centers. After all, simple logic and the abundance of direct and indirect evidence that is already available to the public lead each of us to come to the same conclusion ourselves.

American attempts to shift the blame for the massacre in Moscow solely to the “Islamic State” are more than naive and foolish. Worse than those pathetic attempts was only the American conviction that this false flag operation could pass and that the Kremlin could be successfully misled. Moscow does not believe in American crocodile tears! In addition, a large part of the world public has never allowed itself to become a victim of brainwashing by the Western mainstream media, so it does not fall for the American claims about the non-involvement of Kiev in the massacre in Moscow, which also applies to an increasing part of the Western public, which has become resistant to the lies of Zionist-controlled Washington. The world public has long been aware of the fact that Daesh is nothing more than a proxy weapon of global terror under the control of the infamous Zionist triad of special services consisting of the CIA, MI6, and the Mossad. Reinventing ISIS as the duty culprit for all the crimes planned in Washington, London, and Tel-Aviv is no longer possible.

Colonel Douglas McGregor, an experienced and unbiased geopolitical analyst and commentator, was one of the first to state, before any investigation was even conducted, that he was not sure of ISIS’s involvement but that there was no doubt that MI6 and the CIA were directly involved in the terrorist attack in Moscow. Italian journalist Angelo Giuliano quickly found the culprit in Kyrylo Budanov, the chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, and former CIA analyst Larry Johnson came out around the same time with the claim that the U.S. not only knew that Ukraine was preparing a massacre in Moscow, but that it was done with the help of weapons and logistics provided by Washington. Finally, after the interrogation of the terrorists and the detailed investigation began, the announcements of the Russian officials followed. First, Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Security Council of Russia, briefly told the journalists that Ukraine was definitely behind the terrorist attack on Crocus City, and then the director of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, addressed the public with the information that Moscow knows for sure that the USA, Great Britain, and Ukraine are behind the terrorist attack in Moscow, even though the perpetrators were indeed Islamist radicals. However, this is only the beginning of a detailed and lengthy investigation.

Therefore, although there is an Islamist trail mentioned by Bortnikov, it is practically impossible that ISIS, which officially claimed responsibility for the massacre in Moscow, did anything on its own. First, why would ISIS, or if we want to be more precise, Wilayat Khorasan, also known as IS-K, the Afghan wing of the Islamic State that is the alleged organizer and perpetrator of the attack on Crocus City, choose to carry out such a large-scale terrorist attack on Russian soil at this very moment when we know that nothing similar was attempted even in the midst of the war in Syria in which Russia inflicted devastating blows on those same terrorists that brought these villains to the very brink of extermination? Second, who could really have a stronger motive to carry out such a huge operation against Russia at this very moment than the Ukrainian special services themselves, that is, their principals from Washington? Let’s recall that, immediately before the massacre in Moscow, the Ukrainian armed forces suffered a terrible defeat and huge losses in their attempt to cross over to Russian territory and conquer several border villages in the regions of Belgorod and Kursk.

Third, who could have more useful intelligence and other capabilities and infrastructure in Russia to carry out such a large-scale terrorist attack than the Ukrainian intelligence services? It is clear to everyone that even the CIA can envy the SBU (the Security Service of Ukraine) for the potential it has in Russia. First of all, many Ukrainian agents were introduced into Russia as alleged refugees and asylum seekers who were either actively trying to create spy cells, circles, and networks or were in sleeper mode and awaiting further orders from Kiev. The Ukrainian services headed by Kyrylo Budanov, as has been proven in practice, have the possibility of recruiting Russian Nazis and other Russian traitors. Although it is certainly not a large number of people, such networks can easily infiltrate among ordinary people and lead apparently quite normal lives, which, of course, will be incomparably more difficult for them from now on. Nevertheless, these are people who, even when they do not have other special talents and skills, speak Russian perfectly, very well know the Russian culture, customs, mentality, and, naturally, the Russian cities where they are ordered to operate. All that, however, cannot be said about the four captured mass murderers from Tajikistan who were caught in their unsuccessful attempt to cross over to Ukraine, which was, of course, doomed in advance, of which they were certainly aware in Kiev. In short, even the top Western intelligence services, not to mention ISIS, could not provide these criminals with the kind of logistical support that Kiev could provide, and therefore the bloody trail undoubtedly leads to the current world capital of Nazism. However, the clues do not end there; on the contrary, they lead us much further and beyond. The enemies of Russia were very careless in their intemperate arrogance, and now many of them have been caught with smoking guns in their hands.

No matter how much pressure is put on the terrorists who have disgraced not only Tajikistan but also the entire global Muslim community, the Ummah, it will most likely not be possible to learn from them all the details that the Russian investigative authorities would like to elucidate to the end. The real organizers of the attack on Crocus City, that is, Kiev, Washington, and London, took care of that. Washington is fully aware that the terrorists cannot possibly know anything about the American and British involvement in the endlessly brazen massacre in the Russian capital, and that is exactly why they persistently continue to play the plausible deniability card. One of the justifications used by the Americans is that, as confirmed by FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, they did pass information on an upcoming terrorist attack to Moscow. Russian special services, however, rejected that data as completely unusable because it was of a very general and imprecise nature. Even The New York Times these days wrote without hesitation about how American officials did not share with their Russian counterparts all the information they had about the preparations for the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall.

Washington naively believed that it would easily deceive the Kremlin by successfully shifting the blame for the massacre, which was certainly organized by the American special services in cooperation with the British and Ukrainian ones, to the “Islamic State” and save itself, Kiev and London from responsibility. Moreover, it seems that there was an intention of the insidious Anglo-Saxon Zionists from Washington that instead of Ukraine, Turkey would be the one to be marked as one of the possible accomplices, and as you will see in the rest of the text, this is surely not a coincidence. However, the four monsters, by their own admission, did the bloody work primarily for money and not for political, and even less for religious convictions. At first, the terrorists claimed that they were paid only a small sum of rubles for such a massive crime and a complex operation, but the investigation showed that the matter involved much larger sums, which were mostly paid to them from Ukraine in crypto-currencies. Four beasts in human form admitted to the Russian investigative authorities that they rushed to Kiev for the high reward that was promised to them. They did not wear explosive belts, as terrorists of the “Islamic State” usually do, because they were not in the least interested in martyrdom. They intended to continue with their lives, perhaps in the Ukrainian International Legion, where they would surely be welcomed as heroes. It has been known for a long time that precisely in that legion there are many Dajjal’s false Muslims, including those from Tajikistan. Many of these Islamist criminals have war experience from Syria and other battlefields. It is currently unclear whether the killers expected any contact after the massacre, but this makes sense because it is more than strange and illogical that they tried to escape in the most wanted car in Russia unless they were simply people of extremely low IQ. Maybe they just lost self-control and common sense due to succumbing to fear and panic. All this does not indicate the way in which ISIS has mainly carried out its terrorist attacks until now, but this does not mean that it is not some kind of Islamist extremist, even if they belong to the category of ordinary mercenaries.

In any case, President Putin clearly called the Tajik butchers “radical Islamists,” and his assessment certainly cannot be wrong. Since these terrorists definitely do not fall into the category of those seeking “martyrdom” after a crime; on the contrary, they are clearly mercenaries, it is indeed possible that they were promised some kind of assistance in escaping after committing mass crimes. Moscow is a huge city where it is possible to hide criminals so that they can lie low and wait for a favorable opportunity to leave Russia one by one. It is unlikely that the frantic rush towards the Ukrainian border at a speed of 140 km/h was part of the original plan. The Ukrainian special services probably deliberately left the four monsters to their fate because they simply did not expect them to survive. They were not helped to escape, as was probably prearranged, because the goal from the beginning was for the terrorists to be killed by Crocus City security on the spot so that ISIS could much easier claim full responsibility for the terrorist attack. Dead mouths do not speak, right? As expected, Daesh indeed did so, but not before they learned from the media that Western officials had already declared them guilty of the massacre in Moscow. The “Islamic State” is known for previously accepting responsibility for attacks it did not commit at all because for their leaders, it is a matter of “good” political marketing and the criminal fame that all terrorists aspire to.

For now, all the evidence points to the fact that it was a terrorist action that was completely designed by Kiev, with the undoubted approval and involvement of Washington and London, while the killers were from Tajikistan, to whatever extent they were really connected to the structures of the “Islamic State.” They were only the immediate executors of that bloody plan. And just when it became clear to everyone that Kiev was certainly behind the massacre in Crocus City, new terrorist actions by the “Islamic State” were announced across Europe like a bolt from the blue. The Austrian Heute newspaper has already published an article about a 28-year-old Tajik man and his wife who planned to carry out a terrorist attack in Vienna. The author of the article claims that there is clear evidence that these terrorists, who were fortunately thwarted in time, arrived in Austria precisely from Ukraine, with which many other extremist elements monitored by European security services are connected. This points to two important details. First, there is a documented and proven connection between the Ukrainian special services and extremists from Central Asia, which will be discussed further in the text. Second, this is another miserable and not at all creative attempt by Washington to escape its own responsibility with a series of new false-flag operations attributed to ISIS, this time in Europe. The Western mainstream media is greatly preparing the European public for such a possibility. What’s worse, some of those announced terrorist actions might actually be carried out because the Americans, of course, don’t care much for the lives of Europeans. At the cost of the spilled blood of EU citizens, the Americans simply must prove that ISIS has suddenly reactivated and that the attack in Moscow has nothing to do with them or Kiev. This is the best measure of the despair and fear that is felt in Washington as a consequence of the clear awareness that Moscow will certainly carry out brutal retaliation and that Russia’s justified anger, as promised by the Kremlin, will reach the masterminds of the massacre in Moscow not only in Ukraine but also in the USA, Great Britain, and who knows where else.

A retired officer of the Tajik special services, Colonel Bakhtier Rakhmonov, told RIA Novosti that he is quite sure that the four monsters were recruited by the Ukrainian Embassy in Dushanbe. Namely, it is not news that Ukraine has been recruiting extremists for its International Legion for a long time, not only from Tajikistan but also from other countries in Central Asia and the Middle East. It is possible that the four mass murderers from Crocus City Hall underwent some basic and accelerated training precisely with the help of Ukrainian instructors, and that the International Legion, as we already assumed, was really their final destination. In Tajikistan, such regurgitation is, of course, absolutely illegal, but it has not been a problem for the Ukronazis so far. However, the Ukrainian Embassy in Dushanbe also recruits “personnel” of other profiles, not only terrorists. In October of last year, a migrant who came to Russia from Tajikistan, Sharifjon Tillozoda, was arrested while taking photos of a secret military facility. The investigation showed that the Tajik man had been providing the Ukrainian SBU with visual and other data about the location of the Russian anti-aircraft defense system and other secret military facilities, installations, and facilities in the greater Moscow area for a long time. The Ukrainian spy was, justifiably and with plenty of direct evidence of his guilt, accused of espionage and facing a sentence of 20 years in prison. Moscow will now most certainly ask not only Tajikistan but also the governments of other countries in the Central Asian region and the Greater Middle East to actively thwart the recruitment of Islamists and other extremists and mercenaries carried out by Ukraine in those regions. In this matter, Russia will definitely be able to count on the concrete support and help of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, whose membership includes practically all the countries of Central Asia, including Tajikistan.

In November 2019, Oliver Carroll, then a correspondent for The Independent, wrote that elements of ISIS have been present in Ukraine for a long time. Carrol claimed that many leaders of the “Islamic State” found a safe haven in Kiev, and one of the most problematic of them, Al Bara Shishani, the deputy of the more infamous Abu Omar al-Shishani, was even arrested in Kiev in an operation organized and led by the CIA. It is really tragicomically that long before that, the godless Kiev Nazis and Zionists called the members of the Russian armed forces, among whom, of course, there are many true Muslims, “kafirs” (infidels), in order to better flatter the pseudo-Islamic terrorists of Daesh. What is certain is that the connections between Ukrainian Nazis and Islamist terrorists are nothing new at all, especially since both have the same bosses in Washington and London. Sergei Naryshkin, head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, spoke about this two years ago, stressing that the Ukrainian armed forces have units made up of extremists and terrorists from many Muslim countries. FSB director Aleksandr Bortnikov gave a similar testimony when, on March 26 of this year, he presented to the public that the Russian services have known for a long time that “Ukraine has been training militants in the territory of the Middle East.” In the aforementioned failed attack by Ukrainian Nazis on the border Russian area, Abdul Hakim Shishani (real name: Ruslan Azhiev), who is just one of many Islamist terrorist leaders who came to Ukraine from Syria to join the infamous Ukrainian International Legion, also participated. Thus, the intense cooperation between Ukrainian Nazis and Islamist militants not only exists but is very intense and takes place on several tracks.


As for Daesh itself, all those who have ever been recruited by this criminal organization, except, of course, their leaders, among whom there have always been many CIA, Mossad, and MI6 agents, have never had the slightest idea of whose interests they are really killing and dying for. An average member of ISIS would never understand that he is just a proxy soldier of the collective West and Israel and that he does not commit crimes in the name of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) but of this world’s false demonic idols, and this is considered a form of shirk in Islam, which is one of the most terrible sins. Since, as a rule, we are talking about people with very poor general and religious education and probably a lower IQ, most of the recruited members of Daesh were very easy to psychologically process and prepare for thorough brainwashing with poisonous lies and prejudices in order to mercilessly manipulate them until their deaths. The fighters of ISIS are not Islamic clerics and theologians but ordinary mercenaries, criminals, and ignorants who could easily be fooled by Dajjal’s fraudulent Islam. What does the “Islamic State” even do besides mindless killing and butchery? Their long list of criminal activities includes extortion, robbery, oil smuggling, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and rape. It’s a criminal organization the likes of which the world has never seen before. All this really makes them ideal partners of Washington and their allies, and therefore of Kiev. Everything ISIS does has nothing to do with real Islam, Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam), or God. Therefore, for the sake of true-believing Muslims, it is probably very wrong to use words with the root “Islam” in them if they refer to terrorists. Words such as “Islamists,” “Islamist radicals,” “Islamist extremists,” “Islamist militants,” and the like were maliciously coined as part of special psychological operations of the West and deliberately contained the word “Islam” in them so that responsibility for the crimes of the international gang of criminals under the control of Washington, London, and Tel-Aviv was transferred to all Muslims. It would probably be much more correct to use terms such as “pseudo-Islamists,” but unfortunately, it is probably too late for that. This terminology is likely to remain a successful linguistic false-flag operation.

ISIS was and remains a tool of global terror in the hands of the CIA, MI6, and Mossad, and no serious geopolitical expert will tell you otherwise today. The “Islamic State” was created to give the collective West, primarily the Americans and the British, the right to freely intervene militarily wherever and whenever real Muslims and their sovereign states stand between them and oil or some other resources they need. On the one hand, Americans will watch with great pleasure as the “Islamic State” butchers and exterminates real Muslims and will not interfere with their bloody work because it allows them to plunder resources more easily. Likewise, for propaganda purposes, the Americans will sporadically bomb the uneducated idiots from Daesh from the air in order to prove to the world public their supposed commitment to the “fight against terrorism” and have an excuse for an unlimited military presence in Muslim countries and their looting until the Day of Judgment. Finally, Washington recalls with a set the time in which they managed to sow the virus of Islamist extremism in the Caucasus and then watched Russia bleed in a terrible civil war. American special services dream of using the capabilities of ISIS to restore the time of the great suffering of Russian Muslims and Orthodox Christians. Similarly, the “Islamic State” or some newly patented mutation or derivative of it could similarly be used to destabilize and weaken China by igniting the fire of religious and ethnic hatred in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which Beijing is certainly aware of, and therefore they follow the work of American special services dealing with that project in progress with great caution. In short, for the Americans, the British, and the Israelis, Daesh is an ideal proxy tool that offers enormous possibilities — everything from weakening major geopolitical players such as Russia, China, Iran, and India to changing the regime in any predominantly Muslim country if it chooses to lead a sovereignist policy and thereby defy Washington.

Let us now deal with the failed attempt of four Tajik butchers to present themselves as “holy warriors” of Islam. The real fighters for Islam, the Mujahideen, can only be considered those Muslims who participate in a just war against oppressors and conquerors when the lives of believers are threatened. However, Tajik terrorists are neither Muslims nor Mujahideen. If the four Tajik criminals were true Muslims, they would know that in the Koran, in Surah Al-Ma’idah (5:32), Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) clearly warns Muslims that the killing of one innocent person is equal to the killing of all mankind, and that saving one life is equal to saving all humanity. In Surah Al-Isra (17:33), Allah (swt) unequivocally forbids the believers from unjust killings. If the four executioners had ever studied the Hadith collections as true Muslims always do, they would have known that Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam) always emphasized the sanctity of human life and strongly condemned the killing of innocent people. In addition, he more than clearly emphasized the importance of protecting non-combatants even during the duration of fierce armed conflicts, especially when it comes to women, children, the elderly, and those seeking refuge. Prophet Muhammad (saws) expressly forbade the killing of innocent people, regardless of their religious or any other affiliation. If the four demons from Tajikistan were Muslims, they would know that the holy month of Ramadan is not only a time of fasting but also a time of kindness and mercy when true Muslims strive to help other people regardless of their religion and nation. Why, then, did the four shameless murderers, their helpers, and their masters choose to carry out the mass murders during the holy month of Ramadan? No true Muslim would ever agree to take part in this crime, and that is why it is time to say loud and clear that the killers from Tajikistan and their helpers have absolutely no right to call themselves Muslims. They are nothing but criminals, murderers, and beasts without conscience or fear of God, and that is why they are apostates of Islam. This is supported by the fact that the crimes were apparently committed under the heavy influence of strong opiates that remove the feeling of fear, and that one of the murderers, Shamsiddin Fariduni, is a well-known criminal who was sentenced to 5 years and 8 months in prison in Tajikistan in 2015 for attempting to rape a 13-year-old boy! So what kind of Muslims are they? What kind of Muslim is the supposed “preacher” who recruited them?

It is not surprising that none of the Russian lawyers who specialized in defending the rights of Muslims accepted to defend these executioners. Ruslan Nagiyev, who heads the National Association of Lawyers of Russia and is a Muslim, said there could be no justification for the murderers from Tajikistan. Another member of the same association, Ravil Tugashev, also a Muslim, was even harsher and more specific: “These are the devils, and their place is in hell.” The honor of Islam was defended on that same tragic night and in the same place by a fifteen-year-old young man, Islam Khalilov, who risked his own life to save a large number of people thanks to the fact that he knew the Crocus City Hall area very well because he worked there as a wardrobe. As for the Tajiks themselves, who are traditionally hardworking, honest, and God-fearing people, many of them serve in the Russian armed forces, where they have proven their courage and loyalty. Let’s remember, for example, the Tajik Khushbakht Tursunov, a proud Russian officer who, like many other compatriots, heroically gave his life for Russia. Because of all this, President Putin, in his short address immediately after the massacre, more than clearly emphasized that terrorists do not have nationality. In this way, he wanted to prevent the spread of mistrust, prejudice, hatred, and possible unjustified outbursts of anger among the Russian population in relation to all Tajiks living in Russia.

Spreading fear and panic among the Russian civilian population that would lead to a dramatic decrease in support for Putin and breaking the combat morale of the Russian armed forces at the front are some of the obvious goals of the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack. Ideally for Washington, London, and Kiev, all this should generate a high degree of internal instability in Russia that would result in riots, revolutions, and changes of government. One of the proofs that it is just so was carelessly given by Ukrainian President Zelensky himself, who, during one and the same address to the public, first denied any participation of Kiev in the terrorist attack in Moscow, only to declare at the very next moment that terror will disappear when Putin disappears too. This way, Zelensky practically admitted that the goal of Ukrainian terrorism is the overthrow of Putin and that Kiev considers terrorism to be a legal means by which it can be achieved. The writing of The Washington Post, an unofficial newspaper of the CIA, in an article entitled “Terrorist attack in Russia exposes vulnerabilities of Putin’s regime” dated March 24 inadvertently once again reveals the American idea that terrorist attacks could lead to the removal of Vladimir Putin from power, and is it not exactly one of the most important goals of American foreign policy?

However, only someone who does not know the history of Russia and the strength of the Russian unconquerable spirit could make such a dangerous error in judgment, and this then indicates that the American responsibility in designing the campaign of terror against Russia is even greater than the Ukrainian one. Terror among the Russian people can only create the kind of fanatical patriotism that we all saw in the Great Patriotic War. This is the kind of firm determination to wage a total war of extermination against Russia’s enemies, which, in the course of history so far, has often ended with Russian troops marching into European capitals. This is something that could happen again, because when things go bad, Washington will wisely withdraw from the war and leave a battered Europe to its bleak fate, claiming that it never took part in the war against Russia, as they now claim that they are not behind the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall. Worst of all for the collective West, this terrorist attack has already strongly consolidated the Russian nation and rallied it even more tightly around Putin.

Another important goal of the massacre in Moscow is to undermine the strong Russian influence in the Muslim world, which has been even stronger since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, and the collective West did not see that coming. The idea was to create bad blood between Muslims and Orthodox Christians, especially the Russian ones, because both were long recognized in the West as the greatest enemies of the Zionist New World Order, which is being established in Washington and other centers of power such as London and Tel Aviv. It is, therefore, another in a long series of Zionist attempts to divide mankind in order to rule it. The Zionist-run collective West had previously successfully turned Orthodox Slavs against Orthodox Slavs in Novorossiya and Ukraine and Muslims against Muslims in countries like Syria and Libya. The Zionists cunningly mobilized the dumb descendants of the Ukrainian WWII Nazi criminals and are now using them as cannon fodder for their own purposes in the hope that every last one of them will be exterminated in order to finally take revenge on them for the Holocaust. With the same shrewdness, the Zionists used the brainwashed Islamist terrorists to exterminate the true Muslims in order to “liberate” oil and other resources from them, as we previously concluded. Finally, it was the turn of the great project of Washington to create and inflame hatred between Muslims and Orthodox Christians, but it will never succeed! Namely, there is much more that unites Orthodox Christianity and Islam than separates them.

Several years ago, President Putin emphasized at a religious conference in Kyrgyzstan that Orthodox Christianity and Islam share fundamental humanist values and that both religions are based on a deep sense of love, mercy, justice, and respect for human life. We are talking about two distinctly monotheistic religions that share common prophets, a large number of ethical principles, and a sense of deep spirituality that does not exist anywhere in Western civilization. Especially in Russia, those shared religious values inevitably led to the creation of strong cultural ties that are evident in literature, music, and film. For centuries, Orthodox Christianity and Islam in Russia have shared the same spaces and lived in a stable, harmonious symbiosis during long periods of peace, and that is why the friendly, warm, living, and very dynamic ties between the two religions in Russia are unbreakable, no matter how hard Washington relies on Islamist terrorism as a proxy tool to destroy those strong bridges forever. Despite these criminal efforts of the collective West in recent decades, there have been noticeable and very successful efforts to achieve an even higher level of mutual understanding and dialogue. In Russia itself, relations between Muslims and Orthodox are actually at their historical peak and are based not only on mutual trust but also on sincere friendship and love.

The truth that hurts the collective West so much is that Russia’s multi-religious and multi-ethnic society is very harmonious and stable, and largely because of this, Russia easily establishes relations with Muslim countries and acquires reliable partners and allies among them. Russia has been actively involved in attempts to resolve conflicts in the Middle East and Central Asia through diplomatic means because, among other things, it is a way to protect some of its most vital geopolitical interests. The enemies of Russia are well aware of this, and that is why it is quite certain that one of the tasks of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall was to create distrust and hostility between Russia and its Muslim allies and partners, as well as instability within Russian society itself. Finally, it must not be forgotten that economic ties between Russia and Muslim countries have been on the rise in recent years, and this primarily refers to the energy and trade sectors, as well as to cooperation in the field of military industry, which particularly bothers Washington.

Muslims and Orthodox Christians, especially those in Russia, are logical and ideal geopolitical allies! They share common civilizational, moral, and spiritual values that are a thorn in the side of the satanic liberal West, and that is why the Zionist plutocratic elites who manage this decadent and from God fallen conglomerate want to destroy both at any cost, even in such a way as to make them mutually quarreled. Paradoxically, one of the things that most unites Islam and Orthodox Christianity are precisely those persistent attempts by their common enemies to destroy them at any cost, because it is increasingly easy to recognize in time the already established hellish plans and schemes of the collective West, which is slowly lacking original and creative ideas about how to conduct hybrid wars and special psychological-propaganda operations. The Crocus City Hall massacre is indeed nothing more than an attempt by Zionists and Anglo-Saxon fascists from Washington and London to return to what they consider the “good old days” of the bloody civil war in Chechnya, when Russian citizens were dying in a conflict that arose as a direct result of the Western special services. Nevertheless, something like this will never pass again!


Let’s finally tackle the list of some of the particularly interesting suspects in the Crocus City Hall mass murder. The director of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, has already called the first suspect on that list the legitimate target for the Russian Armed Forces, even before the official end of the investigation. We are talking, of course, about the head of Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate, Kyrylo Budanov, who was not accidentally marked as a person who was undoubtedly deeply involved in the massacre in Moscow. The evidence against him is undoubtedly very strong and convincing. The next logical and high-ranking target on the Russian list for retaliation could certainly be Vasyl Malyuk, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, which the Russian Federation, as Bortnikov emphasized, will consider a terrorist organization in the future. Until now, Malyuk has arrogantly and excessively self-confidently worked against himself and the service he heads by openly admitting that he organized the attacks on the Crimean bridge, including the one in 2022 when a truck full of explosives was used, as well as the attacks on oil facilities in Russia. In addition, Malyuk took responsibility for the murders and attempted murders of prominent Russian patriots and pro-Russian activists on himself and the SBU. Therefore, Malyuk is behind the murder of Vladlen Tatarsky and Darya Dugina, when her father, the Russian patriotic philosopher Alexander Dugin, was probably the real target, as well as behind the attempted murder of the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin — but not only of them. Malyuk was arrested in Russia in absentia for organizing and carrying out these terrorist attacks, and there is no doubt that he was deeply involved in the Crocus City Hall massacre. On the last day of March of this year, Moscow officially accused Ukraine of involvement in the terrorist attack on Crocus City Hall and formally asked Kiev to arrest Malyuk and deliver him to Moscow. Of course, it will not come to that, and that is why the Russian special services will find another way to punish the head of the SBU. In short, along with Budanov, Malyuk can now be considered a legitimate target of Russian retaliation. As for Zelensky, of course, his name could easily be on the kill list, and his further fate is solely in the hands of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. If it is proven that Zelensky was directly involved in the organization of the terrorist attack in Moscow, his days are numbered. The only thing that could possibly save him is the fact that his mandate expires on May 21 and that Zelenskiy has been so harmful to Ukraine so far that he should not be stopped from doing so.

American analyst and author Scott Ritter, a former intelligence officer, openly and publicly expressed his opinion that on some unofficial, secret list of legitimate targets of Russian justice, the name of the most fanatical of all professional pathological Russophobes, Victoria Nuland, could easily be found. Ritter’s thesis is quite possible. After a rather unexpected announcement, Nuland resigned on March 5, and some saw her act as a final acknowledgment of the defeat of the anti-Russian policy of the Biden administration, while others explained her departure from the public scene by the investigation that the FBI intends to start against her, which concerns about 240 billion dollars wasted on Ukraine — from the Maidan organization to the unjustifiably high and non-transparent costs of the CIA and the Pentagon related to that dirty war. Obviously, it is about unintended expenses and corruption, about which we will yet have the opportunity to learn more. However, it may not have been just a coincidence that Nuland resigned as U.S. Deputy Secretary of State shortly before the terrorist attack, which will most certainly change the geopolitical architecture of the planet forever. By resigning, Nuland, a sworn Zionist, probably wanted to wash off all responsibility for the crime for which she knew it was preparing and whose organization she was almost certainly directly involved in both before and after her resignation. Before she left her high office, Nuland threatened Russia for the umpteenth time, this time with “some nasty surprises” and, very interestingly, “asymmetric war” that the Ukrainians will soon resort to in order to change the situation on the front and behind the front lines. In the vocabulary of American hegemonists, the term “asymmetric war” is synonymous with the term “terrorism” and this has been proven countless times in practice in recent decades. Maria Zakharova very often and fully justifiably called out Nuland, and after her resignation, Zakharova emphasized that Nuland’s contribution to the destruction of U.S.-Russian relations was colossal. However, the perception of Nuland among the Russian people is far worse than the official statements of the Kremlin. To make everything even more interesting, there are also many Americans who have a very bad opinion of Victoria Nuland. For example, former CIA officer Phil Giraldi publicly accused Nuland of preventing the establishment of good relations between the U.S. and the EU with Russia for years. “We could have avoided the threat of nuclear war that loomed over us today and which was largely a gift from Nuland,” concluded Giraldi with a dose of bitter pessimism. So, even in the USA, there is an awareness of how much harm Nuland has caused to world peace and how much blood has been spilled because of her anti-Russian fanaticism and irresponsible conviction that waging a proxy war against Russia is just a game. Scott Ritter, therefore, publicly warned Victoria Nuland that her name was also on the list.

American General Mark Milley is another professional pathological Russophobe who, on September 30 of last year, perhaps not accidentally again, retired from the position of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Immediately after stepping down, Milley passionately continued his personal war against Russia. Thus, on December 4, 2023, during his visit to Wiesbaden, he met with members of the Ukrainian special forces to whom he gave advice that can only be understood as a direct call to terrorism: “There should be no Russian who goes to sleep without wondering if they’re going to get their throat slit in the middle of the night. You gotta get back there and create a campaign behind the lines.” One of the terrorists from Crocus City Hall, Muhammadsobir Fayzov, demonstrated his personal adherence to Milley’s doctrine by literally slaughtering wounded and completely helpless Russian civilians on camera. If the involvement of Nuland in the massacre in Moscow is something that will almost certainly be proven after the end of the investigation, it will be a little more difficult to find concrete evidence that General Milley is something more than a fanatical inspirer of the slaughter of Russians, but even that makes him another potential target of Russian justice, whether he likes it or not and no matter how untouchable he thinks he is.

Amir Weitmann, the leader of the libertarian wing of the ruling Likud party in Israel, in his shocking interview with Russia Today on October 19, 2023, accused Russia of being involved in what is happening in Israel and that it will pay the price for its support for Palestine. Shamelessly twisting the truth, Weitmann claimed that Russia supports “Nazi people,” as he called the Palestinians who are carrying out “genocide against Israelis,” even though all the indisputable facts say something completely different. Genocide has been continuously carried out against the Palestinians since 1917, when, thanks to the shameless Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate in Palestine began, which paved the way for the artificial and violent emergence of the state of Israel that built itself on the graves of over 150,000 murdered Palestinians. Very aggressive and hostile during the interview, Weitmann repeated his open threats to Russia several times and stated that Israel will not forget what Russia did and will make sure that Ukraine wins! A week later, this high-ranking official of the Israeli ruling party gave an interview to the Ukrainian Kyiv Post, in which he once again repeated his threats to Russia. On that occasion, he accused Russia of arming Hamas with its weapons and of having knowledge of Palestinian plans to launch Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. Weitmann said there is some knowledge that Hamas received close to “$100 million” in cryptocurrency aid from Russia shortly before the Palestinian uprising. Finally, he accused Russia of launching a fierce campaign of “anti-Semitism” through the “usual channels of Russian propaganda.”

Amir Weitmann warned Russia that “time will come when retribution will be exerted.” When asked by the Kyiv Post journalist what kind of revenge that could be, the Israeli politician said that the Kremlin must pay a high “price in blood” so that it can understand that it is a retaliation for its policy in the Middle East. Perhaps we should be grateful that Weitmann is completely devoid of diplomatic tact because he gave us a chance to look at the terrorist attack in Moscow from multiple angles, especially since it is a very explicit intimidation coming from a high-ranking Israeli official. What is even more indicative is that these are not the only threats that the Zionist entity directed at Russia. At the end of February this year, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, Gillard Erdan, called out Russia in his speech, announcing that Israelis would deliver early warning systems to Ukraine, which he also called an ally. Neither of these two anti-Russian outbursts would have happened without the approval of Benjamin Netanyahu, and therefore the possibility that the Israeli political elite and special services were involved in the organization and implementation of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall should be fully investigated, especially when a lot is already known about the previous cooperation between the “Islamic State” and Israel. The motive for possible Israeli complicity in the mass murder of Russian civilians in Moscow has nothing to do with Weitmann’s eyeless fabrications but is the result of the principled struggle that the Russian Federation is waging in the UN in order to help establish a Palestinian state that was once promised by that very organization.

No one should doubt that Russia will carry out the investigation to the end and that it will be the one to carry out the retribution, as already announced by President Putin, FSB director Bortnikov, and many other Russian officials. In a very fierce manner, brutal retaliation was also promised by the former Russian President Medvedev, who always gives very clear hints to the world public about the direction in which the Kremlin’s decisions could move. This is all the more reason for everyone involved in the massacre in Moscow to begin to tremble in fear of the inevitable revenge, served cold or hot, because no one will avoid it. This applies not only to accomplices but also to sympathizers such as the French journalist Anne Nivat, who expressed her undisguised admiration for the mass slaughter of Russian civilians in Moscow, calling it a “masterly move” and “phenomenal” if the Ukrainians are behind it — and we all know that they are. The big question is whether Nivat would still be equally thrilled if she found out that Moscow considers her a legitimate target because, as a representative of the influential media, she supports the mass killing of Russian civilians.

Some analysts stated that Turkey should also be marked as a possible accomplice in the organization of the mass murder in Moscow, but this is highly unlikely. In fact, it is much more likely that there was an intention among the real organizers that Turkey should be on the dock alongside ISIS. Namely, Nuland, who is probably an indispensable name in any anti-Russian conspiracy, visited Turkey on January 28 and 29 with the task of persuading this regional power to abandon the acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense systems. However, Erdogan did not give up on the decision for his country to buy these systems, so a frustrated Nuland had no choice but to console herself with a visit to Kiev that followed immediately after her big failure in Turkey. Is exactly this Nuland’s fruitless visit to Turkey the reason why Washington decided to punish Ankara by bringing it to the line of direct conflict with Moscow, which would, of course, result in the destruction of the Russian-Turkish partnership and finally the failure of the large Turkish purchase of the S-400? It is true that Turkey does have a problem with Islamist extremists and that there are numerous secret terrorist bases on its territory. It is also known that Ankara uses some of these militants for its own confrontations with Kurdish separatists, but at the same time, it is an undeniable fact that Turkey itself is a frequent victim of the same Islamist terrorist attacks. Realizing the vile American-British game, Ankara wasted no time and Turkish police immediately arrested around 150 people, accusing them of being affiliated with ISIS. Allegedly, many of them were released very quickly, which led to the raising of many eyebrows among analysts, but it cannot be denied that Turkey, without any visible intention to conceal anything, gave Russia all the information about the stay of two terrorists on its territory. Perhaps the clue about the stay of two terrorists in Turkey was deliberately created just to divert attention from Ukraine, the USA, and Great Britain, which, of course, does not exclude the possibility that Turkey was the place where the Ukrainian special services gave the terrorists detailed instructions and contacts with their spy network in Moscow. Omer Celik, the official spokesman of the ruling Turkish AKP party, was believed to be aware of the suspicions that could fall on Ankara, so he made a statement that clearly testifies to who Ankara considers responsible for the attack: “Obviously, it is impossible to carry out such a professional action without the support of some state’s intelligence service. Such actions always have sponsors.” Of course, we have already concluded that only Ukraine had an intelligence network that could provide logistical support to Tajik terrorists in Russia.

The more American officials are trying to defend Kiev against Russian official accusations these days, the more Washington and London seem responsible for the massacre in Moscow in the eyes of the Kremlin. This bloody terrorist attack is very different from any other ever carried out on Russian soil, as it could easily be considered an open act of war by the U.S., UK, Ukraine, and possibly Israel against the Russian Federation. The fact that the contractors were Islamist terrorists did not fool Moscow. This act of terrorism can be used by Russia as a casus belli at a time that will suit it, in a place, and in a way that it chooses. The reason why Russia simply has to avenge the massacre in Moscow in a systematic and absolutely brutal way is quite simple. This is the only way to discourage new terrorist attacks on Russian territory, because some of them could lead to even more massive civilian casualties and enormous material damage. We are talking about devastating effects and the number of victims that could be equivalent only to the use of tactical nuclear weapons, and Russia must not tolerate such a danger. Russia is already more than fed up with the proxy war waged against it by the USA and NATO through Ukraine, the Islamic State, and other entities. This time, the Kremlin is simply forced to react extremely fiercely but at the same time with surgical precision because the Russians themselves will never resort to terrorist strategies and tactics. Russia will respond to terrorism with justice, and the perpetrators of the mass murders, whoever they are and wherever they may be, are legitimate targets of the long Russian arm of justice because Russia has the means to reach every point on the planet and punish every war criminal. The sequence of moves that Russia will take in its operation of Great Patriotic Retribution is, of course, a secret and a matter of “nasty surprises” that will catch many of the culprits completely off guard.

Simple logic says that bombing terrorist bases can never be as effective a remedy against terrorism as the physical liquidation of the ultimate organizers and financiers of terrorist attacks. Of course, this does not mean that the bombing of the terrorists, this time perhaps with the use of some of the most terrible Russian weapons, will not take place. Nevertheless, the terror will be stopped only when the heads that design the terrorist operations fall, and they are well aware of that in the Kremlin. America is the queen of global terror, and all bloody trails more than obviously lead to Washington, regardless of whether they go through Kiev, Tel-Aviv, London, the “Islamic State,” or some other proxies. Much to the chagrin of American, British, and other special services hostile to Moscow, it turned out that the time had passed when false-flag operations against Russia could be carried out without them being fully exposed and the real culprits found and destroyed. False flags just won’t pass!


Source: Strategic Culture Foundation. IMG-1: © sitshow.blogspot.com. IMG-2: 21cir.com. IMG-3: © N/A
AWIP: http://www.a-w-i-p.com/index.php/2024/04/08/false-flags-won-t-pass


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