An Uncertain World Ahead in 2024

Abbas Hashemite

The already disintegrated world has been further fragmented by different wars and rising tensions across different regions around the world. Amidst the already rising tensions between the two superpowers of the world, China and the United States, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Israel’s genocide in Gaza have widened the gulf between different nations, especially the Eastern and Western nations.

A huge number of elections, worldwide, in the year 2024 in different countries, including Russia, and the USA, have further added fuel to this uncertainty in the year ahead. Therefore, it is most likely that the world will remain in an unsettled state of affairs due to rising geopolitical tensions, driving ambivalence in international markets.

Moreover, rising multipolarity will gain a surging momentum, but multilateral institutions will continue to remain under duress. The world is likely to experience an increasing role of the middle powers in molding global geopolitics due to rising multipolarity in the world. Saudi Arabia, India, and other BRICS member states are likely to influence the world to a larger extent role due to their rising economic significance.

The year 2024 is likely to observe extremely unpredictable events in terms of geopolitical trends, challenges, and risks. Different international organizations have predicted a high risk of instability in the coming year.

The Economist has predicted in its report, World Ahead in 2024, that the world will face a multipolar disorder in 2024 due to escalating geopolitical conflicts. Raging geopolitical crises in the world corroborate this report, as these crises will keep the world unstable in the years to come.

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