"Whoever Believes the Muslim World has an Alternative to Resistance is Highly Delusional"

Alahed News & Staff

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation engraved a lasting defeat deep in the conscience of the Zionists.

“The myth has been shattered, the model has been shattered, prestige has vanished, the project has been shaken, and the cause that they worked to stifle for so long has returned to the forefront of all the walls of the world.”

Sayyed Nasrallah made the remarks in a letter he sent to the 12th International Conference of Gaza: Symbol of Resistance, which was held in Tehran. Hezbollah’s representative in the Iranian capital Sayyed Abdullah Safi al-Din read the letter.

“Titling your conference with the slogan ‘Gaza: Symbol of Resistance’ and timing it to coincide with a crucial moment in history when the Palestinian resistance is engaged in a major battle against the Zionist war of annihilation demonstrates the sense of responsibility of those involved in managing the conference and their blessed heeding of the call to stand by the Palestinian people, their cause, and their resistance.

“This requires all of us to bear great responsibilities and constant mobilization to rally the nation’s capabilities in support of the Palestinian people and their valiant resistance, which today, with its sacrifices, heroism, the blood of its men, and the steadfastness of its people, is truly writing the future of the nation, preserving its dignity, and consolidating its strength.”

His Eminence continued, “What ‘Israel’ lost to date in Gaza in terms of officers and soldiers at the hands of Palestinian resistance groups is many times greater than what it lost in the 1967 War. The ‘Israeli’ Army, which during the Six-Day War occupied more than 69,000 km2, is being defeated today on a part of the Gaza Strip. It is unable to achieve a goal or declare an occupation or an approaching victory. Rather, it retreats under the pretext of moving to a new stage. Therefore, it is natural and correct for the conference’s slogan to be ‘Gaza: Symbol of Resistance’. Gaza today is a symbol because there is an honorable, brave, and proud resistance in Gaza.”

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