How to Spot a Fake Pandemic

Walter Gelles

A real pandemic does not need a relentless 24/7 propaganda campaign based on lies and disinformation.

A real pandemic does not need a bogus PCR diagnostic test (deemed worthless by the World Health Organization in January 2021).

A real pandemic does not need to be declared because of a respiratory virus which has never been isolated or proven to exist—a virus which if it does exist is statistically less deadly than the seasonal flu, with 99.9% of people recovering spontaneously within a few days.

A real pandemic does not need a tremendous exaggeration of the death count by shifting all Seasonal Flu cases into the “COVID-19” death column and by labeling anyone who died in a car accident or by suicide as “death by COVID-19”.

A real pandemic does not need to shut down freedom of speech.

A real pandemic does not need a Big Media/Big Tech censorship campaign to deprive people of vital information and alternative views by distinguished, prize-winning doctors and medical researchers who are smeared as “conspiracy theorists”.

A real pandemic does not need so-called “vaccines” (genetic modification treatments) that are harmful, often lethal, and have already killed and permanently destroyed millions of people around the world, according to the Governments’ own statistics.

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