You Want To Win? I Can Show You The Way

Nahida Izzat,
Exiled Palestinian

A personal reflection on chutzpah, depravity and disintegration of ethics.

Multi-generational indoctrination with "Chosen-mess", superiority and exceptionalism, leads to developing a super-inflated image of oneself and a distorted one of the world, as well as the inverse of universal egalitarian ethics which then manifests in:

   Developing violent narcissistic psychopathic      personality disorders.
   Developing chutzpah with a hyper-inflated ego.
   Glorifying obscenity, to attract attention.

All are leading to normalising and celebrating depravity. Glorifying obscenity is unsettling and disturbing to the inner soul.

The soul/ inner moral compass/ consciousness/ intrinsic nature of the human is to aspire to the Ideal, Divine Sublime Principles of love, compassion, kindness, inclusion, equality, justice, beauty, altruism, cooperation...etc.

Our souls are delicately balanced and equipped with the ability to distinguish between Good (Divine Sublime Principles) and Evil. Our souls are also hardwired to dislike and avoid evil and to strive to live by these principles. When it does, it finds peace, harmony, tranquility and joy.

Supremacist belief systems and their related actions (i.e. hate, envy, aggression) fundamentally contradict soul wisdom, thus causing the delicate inner balance to cave in, and dichotomy to occur. Misalignment of the soul embroils, violence and disturbance replace the natural peace of the soul. Thus, the authentic higher self is negated. Self-respect vanishes. Shame and self-loath brew.

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